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I decided to try to position @curangel as an investment opportunity in the wider crypto community.

Staking and curation rewards together allow investors to get around 12% per year on their investment now. At the same time, their investment helps growing the community. This recent uptrend has just started to show what potential an investment in Hive has, and we want to educate the crypto scene.

As a first step we needed a better public website, and thanks to the generous offer of @thepeakstudio to design it for us, it has now been launched.


Check it out yourself at
And if you're on social media, help us spread the word!

100% of the rewards of this post go to @thepeakstudio, thanks again!


Thank you for the opportunity. I really appreciate it.
I 'll keep serving the community through my design skills


👋Hi @pharesim,

Good news! We've added Curangel to the
Hive Blockchain Directory, here:

Keep up the great work!

This is awesome! I'll have to delegate some here :)

Also, great job on the design @thepeakstudio - looks great!

Nice! Delegated some :)

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Cool stuff my dad @ryan313 told me to post on hive I’m only 9 yrs old but my dad says cryptos the future! And my grandpa @the bidsweed says @curangel is the best! My dad likes @payroll gz70q6.jpg @farm-mom hi

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Looks really good. I might have to take advantage of this.

Great initiative! Some reason to vote for you as witness

This is great. I personally have friends who just want to invest longterm and don't care much about posting and curating. I have some of them already delagting to your project :)
Having a nice web and UI will make things better.

P.S. Also I would love to see this web integarted on the web and other community curation project, giving people/investors legit options for their Hive Power/VESTS

Nice! That’s a great idea!
Thanks for at the good work.

This is great, I've been wondering how much of this recent buy-in frenzy is going to get powered up, this should help!

Will there ever be a tab to see other posts to be downvoted so we can see what others have found as well and help add our share to it as well to downvote that post?

We just changed the downvoting mechanism completely.
Before today, it didn't only use your own shares, but your share of the total curangel has. This worked mostly well, but in a few cases was abused or led to not-so nice situations for me personally, as I'm the name connected to curangel.

Downvotes will still be used, but to have access delegators need to come to our Discord and be available to discuss them. That's what most do already anyway.

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Just saw it!! Looks great!

great! This is as you pointed out not well known in the crypto space, but it will grow for sure

Great idea, hope it grows.

Very nice site.

We need Staking Reweards built into hive blockchain, like telos did with T rex, we need to just do an HPS proposal to put some amount of inflation created HIVE in a fund that is paid out to peopel top buy and stake, just get teh staking started people like it, HBD needs to earn interest like DEFI , ts tiem we get dat DEFI ALSO we need INSTANt free accounts awe need a LOT of hive accounts @wemohen

We have staking rewards.

Das sieht extrem gut aus. Jetzt fehlt nur noch ein schickes Logo.

Cool and rehived. Posted on fb too.

Hello dear friend @pharesim, I loved the design created by @thepeakstudio. As for the proposal, it is very interesting, those people who have the power to save will undoubtedly see the commercial appeal, not many businesses grant a 12% annual return.
Congratulations for the great work that the @curangel team is doing
I share this excellent on my social networks.

thanks for that! Definitely going to delegate some.

Nice, a graphic redesign is always a good step !
and so i'm glad the curangel project is progressing well :-)