Diners Refusing Non-Contact Deliveries πŸ˜”πŸ˜€πŸ‘Ώ Don't be an Asshole

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Customer MO

A frequent customer that tips exactly $2 whether they order $5 or $100. I got this order as part of a stack when it just so happened a neighbor a few blocks over ordered at the same time. I typically reject MO's orders but I felt slightly benevolent today. Next time I'll check that feeling.

Upon arrival, I noticed this was not a contactless delivery so I put the food on the porch before the door, knocked, walked about 10 feet away and waited a minute before using the app to indicate that I had arrived and texted MO for good measure.

I could tell when MO opened up the door this was going to be trouble. I waved and said one of my standard "Have a great evening, Enjoy your meal!" lines. Before I got to the word "Enjoy" MO breaks in with - "Where do you think you're going? Get back here and pick up my food!"

MO is in their late 20's and quite fit. I hit the delivered button on my phone and politely explain that for my own health I am social distancing. "Bullshit, you think your special? You don't have to do the job I'm paying you for? I will call XYZ company and file a complaint!"

MO was still yelling at me as I got in my car.

Customer FY

There's a group of adults playing tag football in front of a house. As I pull up FY walks over to my driver's side door before I can even open it and starts to lean into my open window! I politely ask FY to step back 10 feet and give me a moment to complete the delivery. After FY starts to move away I step out and open the rear door, open the delivery bag, sanitize my hands and put on gloves. Careful not to touch anything but the bottom of the food bag I remove it from the delivery bag. Before I can turn around I can feel FY lean against my back as they reach around and grab their food! FY tells me "We're trying to get and spread the virus as fast as we can - you know - herd immunity?" FY wasn't very happy after I informed them that I and my roommate have compromised immune systems and that I will be contacting the local police to find out if I can file assault charges.

Unfortunately, after contacting the local LEO's filing a report is more hassle than it is worth at the moment.

Respect Drivers Rights to Refuse Contact

Some days my roommate and I have up to 20 deliveries each. If we're lucky each of us comes within close contact of less than 30 people depending on if the dining room is open to take out.

Customers need to respect delivery drivers enough to comply with the request for non-contact deliveries. In the case of drivers and those living with drivers having medical conditions causing compromised immune systems they should respect the extra precautions we take to protect ourselves.

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Sadly our education system would produce a generation more intent on spreading an illness than reducing it.

PS: I have ordered take out meals from my favorite local restaurants. I think the delivery option is fantastic for people who have a tough time getting out.

Thanks for helping to keep us fed! People can be such assholes...