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I read so many articles about tipping, some way off base.

So, here it goes from a drivers perspective.

20% or $1 mile from the restaurant which ever is greater. If you live outside the city no less than $1.25 per mile. Never tip less than $5 on a delivery order even if it is just across the street. Drivers frequently drive more than 5 miles to get to the restaurant to pick up an order.

"I live 17 miles from the restaurant I'm ordering from, I should tip $17 on a $20 order?"

Actually more like $21.25. I'll never understand why some apps have large delivery areas. A 17 mile order can easily take an hour or more and drive more than 30 miles.

Delivery PayTipTotalDelivery MileageActual MileageTime (Minutes)Mileage CostProfitPer Hour

Let's break it down. I bought a new car in 2018. The chart below represents my average expenses if I have no major problems.

CostExpected MilesCost Per Mile
New Car38000200,0000.190
Misc Maintenance/Unexpected Repairs$12,000200,0000.060
Oil Change$8550000.017
Total Per Mile0.419

The average cost for me to drive is around $0.42 a mile.

Let me give you some real delivery stats. This was a few weeks ago when I decided not to reject any orders as an experiment. Needless to say I don't normally take half these orders. This does not include driving to and from the delivery area.

OrderDelivery PayTipTotalDelivery MileageActual MileageTime (Minutes)Mileage CostProfitPer Hour

Total HoursProfitPer Hour

Normally I would have only accepted orders A, B, C, & F

You mean you wouldn't take that last order for $20.89?

Hell NO! I had to drive back to the city to get another order! In this case I didn't get another order and went home after sitting for 20 minutes.

When to tip more

  • Dangerous weather
  • Difficult deliveries
    • More than 2 flights of stairs
    • Walking more than 1/2 city block
    • Construction Sites
    • Delivering to secure installations
      • Military Bases
      • College Campus
      • Corporate Campus

Coronavirus Tipping

Don't tip less than $10. I'm serious, order extra meals you can reheat. Splurge on some deserts or alcoholic beverages.

Got extra hand sanitizer? Many areas have closed restrooms to drivers and therefor washing facilities. Even a 2-oz bottle is greatly appreciated!


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