Загинув Антон Листопад

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Кажуть, що війна забирає найкращих. Я з цим не згідний. Вона забирає всіх, до кого може дотягнутися. Інша справа, що з перших днів війни на захист країни стають найкращі.

Прикарпаття пишається своїми земляками, які досягли значних успіхів в тому, чим вони займаються. Тому час від часу в місцевій пресі з’являються статті про тих чи інших знакових людей. Одним із таких людей був Антон Листопад. У 2019 році його було визнано найкращим пілотом Повітряних Сил ЗСУ. Саме тоді про нього і його шлях до цього звання вперше було написано декілька статей і земляки дізналися про свого героя.

Не так давно, на 30-ту річницю Незалежності України, Антон Листопад був ведучим авіаційної колони під час параду військ. Це був другий привід для того, щоб його ім’я з’явилося в інформаційному просторі його краю.

І от буквально кілька днів тому, Антон Листопад був відзначений самим президентом України, дуже серйозною державною нагородою - орденом за мужність 3-го ступеня. І знову про це написали в місцевих ЗМІ, хоча й коротко. Але це був справжній привід для того щоб пишатися нашим земляком.

Сьогодні вранці у всіх ЗМІ було повідомлено, що Антон Листопад загинув у бою з російськими загарбниками. Осбь так нас покидають найкращі. Вічна пам’ять...


They say that war takes the best. I do not agree with this. It takes everyone it can reach. Another thing is that from the first days of the war, the best become the defense of the country.

Prykarpattia is proud of its compatriots who have achieved significant success in what they do. Therefore, from time to time in the local press, articles about certain famous people appear. One of these people was Anton Listopad. In 2019, he was recognized as the best pilot of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was then that several articles were written about him and his path to this title for the first time, and the compatriots learned about their hero.

Not so long ago, on the 30th anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, Anton Listopad was the leader of the air convoy during the military parade. This was the second reason for his name to appear in the information space of his region.

And just a few days ago, Anton Listopad was honored by the President of Ukraine himself, with a very serious state award - the Order for Courage of the 3rd degree. And again it was written about in the local media, albeit briefly. But it was a real reason to be proud of our compatriot.

This morning, it was reported in all mass media that Anton Listopad died in the battle with the Russian invaders. This is how the best leave us. Eternal memory...


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Written by Esha Krishnaswamy. Originally published by The Gray Zone

Once condemned by Ukrainian officials and imprisoned for sadistic torture and the rape of minors, leaders of the notorious Tornado Battalion are free under Volodymyr Zelensky’s orders.

After banning virtually his entire political opposition, publishing a blacklist of foreign journalists and academics accused of advancing “Russian propaganda,” and ramming through a law exempting 70% of Ukrainians from workplace protections, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy has freed from prison fascist militants convicted of some of the most heinous crimes the country has seen since World War II.

According to a July 11 report in Ukrainian media, Ruslan Onishenko, commander of the now-disbanded Tornado Battalion, was freed as part of President Zelensky’s scheme to release prisoners with combat experience. Along with an unwavering commitment to fascism, Onishenko is known as a psychopathic sadist who was involved in sexually assaulting children, brutally torturing prisoners, and murder.

Onishenko’s release follows a February 27 order by Zelensky to free other convicted former Tornado members like Danil “Mujahed” Lyashuk, a fanatic from Belarus who has openly emulated ISIS and boasted of torturing captives for sheer enjoyment. According to Zelensky‘s decree, prisoners with combat experience would be allowed to “compensate for their guilt” by fighting in the “hottest spots.”

Back in 2015, when the Ukrainian state provided official support to his Tornado Battalion, Onishenko texted two fellow “patriots,” Voldomor and Svetlana Savichuk, propositioning Svetlana Savichuk to “suck my cock in front of the [toddler] children.” (See screenshots of the conversation here). He also asked Savichuk to perform lewd acts on her children for his viewing pleasure. Despite the magnitude of his crimes, which included torture, murder, rape – including that of children – kidnapping, amputation, and more, Onishenko was sentenced to a mere 11 years in prison on April 11, 2017.

Now, after serving just five years of his sentence, the convicted predator has been freed by a president hailed by Western patrons as a defender of democracy.

Zelensky’s move is not just a signal of desperation as his military is ground down by Russian forces in the east. It extends the virtual impunity that Ukrainian battalions infested with hardened criminals and neo-Nazis have enjoyed for over eight years as official enforcers of the post-Maidan regime’s rule.


Кляті орки.....