Wax Atomic Hub Supports Russian Aggression in Ukraine?

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As you might know, few days ago we launched #stopwarinua collection as a part of our NFT collection on WAX Atomic Hub, but few hours later after the drop started, the whole @oceanplanet collection was banned, and lost the whitelist mark

We haven't received any notification about ban, and any Atomic Hub Terms of Service violation.


For now we want to have an official statement from the AH team:

Do you guys supporting Russian aggression against Ukraine? Why you removed the Ocean Planet (oceanplanet1) collection from the whitelist?

We ask our community and people who are standing against Russian aggression join Atomic Hub Discord and ask team in #general

Do you guys at the Atomic Hub supporting Russian aggression against Ukraine? In other way, why you removed the Ocean Planet (oceanplanet1) collection from the whitelist? Those guys made a charity NFT drop, and you banned them? Is that you call the decentralization and community support?

Drop Announcement

Here's the English announcement

We, at @oceanplanet decided to drop a charity NFT collection mostly for Humanitarian needs funding.

8 most important Russian - Ukrainian war symbols are drawn by our artist Ihor, who is finally safe and secure with his family. This NFT's idea literally were born in Kyiv during the russian army and aviation invasion.

We pray for peace, but peace is something you need to fight for, we are fighting on the information front!


Announcemnt in RU

🔥 Благотворительный NFT дроп от Ocean Planet 🔥

📢 8 символов Украинского сопротивления которые блендятся в The Dickhead NFT (https://neftyblocks.com/c/oceanplanet1/blends/454300) ❌💣🇺🇦 | 🇷🇺 🚢 🖕

💲 Цена - 2 USD в WAX
⚠️ Ссылка на дроп (https://neftyblocks.com/c/oceanplanet1) ⚠️

Мы в @oceanplanet решили раздать благотворительную коллекцию NFT в основном для финансирования гуманитарных нужд.

8 самых важных российско-украинских символов войны нарисовал наш художник Игорь, который наконец-то в безопасности со своей семьей. Идея этой НФТ коллекции буквально родилась в Киеве во время вторжения российской армии и авиации

Мы молимся за мир, за мир нужно бороться, мы боремся на информационном фронте!


Блин, первій минт сблендил, обидно. Пойду спрошу :)