Split in FIVE Please

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This is a life skill I picked up from being a mom.

Don’t worry, the picture I took of that cookie is a bit over dramatic with uneven pieces. In reality, when I split things in five it’s way more even than that 😉.

Yep it’s true. For the last four and a half years this has been my life. Once all five of my children were of age to eat snacks this is what was expected of me. I had to share everything that entered our home with each of our kids.

It sounds a bit crazy but I’ve always been big on being fair and making sure none of my kids ever feel left out, less loved or thought of. I have always tried my best to share amongst them the best I could.

This splitting in five usually only happens for two reasons:

1) We’re down to the last of our snacks and everyone wants the last piece.
2) I decided to get a personal snack to enjoy and everybody wants a share.

I get real stingy when it comes to my snacks so I’m only sharing a little bit of it 😌🤭.

You’d be amazed at some of the small things I’ve had to split. It never mattered as long as everyone got a piece…everyone was happy.

Well I’m SO OVER IT now!! 😒

My kids range from the ages of thirteen all the way down to five. They are big now and eating little pieces split into five just ain’t cutting it. I can’t go on for the rest of these nested days stressing myself over making sure everyone has a piece of everything.

I now tell my kids

Don’t expect to get everything your siblings get. I share different things with each of you and you’ll just have to be okay with missing out on some things 🤷🏽‍♀️.

What have I created y’all? My kids are professional crumb eaters because I have been doing this for so long. They don’t mind eating itty bitty bits and I have practically trained them.

Then they even have the nerve sometimes to measure their share and tell me when someone has a little more than the other 🙄. Seems it’s the only time they like to do math.

Note to my future grandmother self: Do not train your grandkids to be crumb eaters. If you don’t have a full piece for all who are present then DON’T SHARE.

Note taken, lesson learned ~ 😄

Don’t think that cookie went to waste. My kids asked if they could have it after I was done photographing it for this post 🤦🏽‍♀️. Yep, my life.

 5 months ago  

I totally identify with this post, I have only one child, but we live with my nephews, so we have had to learn to divide everything in four, sometimes I make sure that each one gets the whole piece or that some of them get something special, not only for my son, also for them.

I think we have two interesting things here, you grow up learning to share, to not be selfish or believe that you deserve to have more than others, but on the other side is that you learn to conform and that is not the idea either, finding a balance in this would be the best. Thanks for sharing, greetings and blessings.

P.S. That cookie looks delicious.

That's so awesome. We like giving special treats and things as well.

Yes, exactly so. This has really taught my family to be selfless and learn how to share. It's been less stressful with how we've been doing things now. They understand that just because they may not get certain things doesn't mean we love them any less. With the way inflation is going we've had to cut down on our special treats anyway so we're also learning how to go without the extras. 😄

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Many blessings to you ~

Hey such as life, to be able to split and share does have its seasons! Looks like now you’re in the season of “you may not get everything someone else gets” doesn’t mean you’re not valued and it doesn’t mean you are being treated unfairly.

Yes for sure. That’s very true. They are learning that now and understand that getting less doesn’t mean you’re loved or valued less. This is a good learning lesson anyway because they need to know they won’t always get what they want in life.

Thanks for reading and commenting sis ~ 😘

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I laughed with your anecdote a lot, I only have two children, but it's exactly the same, whatever I eat they want to "share", but I also identify a lot with my life as a son, we are 4 brothers, my mom was a survivor to please us all.

Hahaha!!! So glad you got a laugh 😄. I knew other parents would relate to this. The last time I split up something small I literally laughed out loud and said "what am I doing and why am I doing it?" Lol

Oh yea, I can only imagine what your mom went through with the four of you boys. Hats off to her ~ 😊

Oh, I salute you for being such. It's a great attitude worth emulating. It reminds me of my grandfather way back then. No matter what food he was bringing he made sure that everybody should have such.

Thank you so much. I really worked hard to keep it that way, it's just more challenging now that they're older. I think this new lesson of learning you can't always get everything you want or get exactly what everyone else gets is just as important. It’s a lesson of being content and selfless.

Thanks for your comment 😊 ~

Indeed it is. You are welcome. God bless.

God bless you too ~

Hahaha 😂😂, note taken from my end too, these kids can be very dramatic sometimes, haha...it's been from one drama to another in my home too when it comes to sharing snacks like this 😂

My second son even said I should find a way to put my first son back to my belly so he can be birthed first and be taking charge of snacks at home, lolz..so weird thoughts of him..lol

I can't even enjoy my own snacks alone without them clustering me around..now I am thinking of devouring this sharwama I have in mind to buy this coming weekend at the sharwama joint.. like consume all there before getting home 😂😂😂🤣🤣

Lol! Wow your second son had a plan and everything 🤭😆.

Oh yes! There are plenty of times I’ve had to eat my snacks when everyone else was out of the house. Most of the time I eat my personal snacks once the kids are in bed 🤣👌🏽🙌🏽.

Thanks for reading my dear ~ 😘

Interesante reflexión, siempre es bueno mostrar a nuestros hijos el valor de compartir pero en abundancia para que Dios nos de grandes provisiones.

I couldn't agree more! Thanks for adding your input ~

Lol yeah, I can totally relate. Except that mine's divided by 3. 😅

Hahaha!! I knew some Mamas would relate. 😄

This is really good. It simple means you really love them and care for them all. And i observe the of difference size and i believe the biggest will go to the first child. Hope so?
Keep it up thanks for sharing

No, the oldest gets a fair share as well 😄.

Thanks for taking time to read ~