Nothing is more Dramatic than receiving your baby after a lot of Pain.

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On January 7, 2023, I gave birth at Sogod Hospital. I was going to write about my experience right here, but I can't use my phone because it might hurt my health. Now that I've had my child for a week, I can't stop thinking about it. I'm very excited and happy to be a mother.


I finally gave birth to my child on January 7, 2023, at 11 a.m. Happiness was exchanged for the absence of pain. My pain dissipates as soon as I hear my child crying. I can still recall all of the pain I experienced prior to giving birth. I almost gave up when I felt the pain for a day in the hospital. I thought I would never get pregnant again. But after that, my husband gave me strength and encouraged me not to give up. I'm very happy about this because I gave birth to him while I was laboring. Every time I'm in pain, he always makes me laugh and provides me with comfort. I am so grateful that the father of my child loves and cares for me that I even witnessed him crying. This man is such a good man. He expressed his regret for me and stated that since only pain can be shared, he would never hesitate to accept my pain. I did everything I could in the delivery room to finally deliver my child, and I am in favor of doing so because my husband encourages and inspires me. After taking four big breaths and hearing the baby cry, the baby finally emerged, prompting me to take my success breath and smile.


Therefore, every mother experiences this. Very sensitive, and I can certainly say that I developed sensitivity toward my daughter. We don't want them to cry because they're hungry, because they're hurt, or because they're in any pain that a newborn usually feels.


My first smile was her first cry, and my first cry was her first smile. When I hear my baby crying after giving birth, I smile and feel so happy that the baby is out, there is no more pain, and I can finally touch my baby. She smiled for the first time after a few hours of gently watching my baby's face in bed. I don't know why I became so emotional when I saw her first smile, but it wasn't because I was sad; rather, it was tears of joy. I can never really put into words how happy I was when I saw my child smile for the first time.

Since my grandmother never permitted me to use a phone, I guess this is enough for now. I just typed a few words here because I am so happy and excited to inform you that I have given birth.

When we arrived home, grandma was very excited to carry my baby. She was lonely for few days, I bet she missed and excited to see us. Here they are having a grandma and grand daughter moment.


I am most indebted to God for providing me with direction and granting all of my requests. When we pray and believe that He will assist and direct us, nothing is out of reach. I gave birth naturally, and I am grateful to God for answering all of my prayers because she weighs 2.7 kilograms.

To all pregnant out there, always give your hopes to God, because He will never let you feel the pain alone, He is there with you, so say your words silently to Him, believe that He will help and guide you.

Byee for now, it's 4:53 on the morning and i never had my sleep, yeah I guess I will be having my sleep during day time, because my baby is awake during night time and that is hundred percent fine, I will do everything just to make my baby feel comfortable.


Congratulations for successfully delivering your baby.😊 It's a blessing indeed that you didn't struggle that much and it's good that it's normal. Plus she's healthy and that's what matter the most.😊
Prayer is a powerful weapon but we must believe and trust that it can happen.
God bless you both and your family.💕

Yes in prayers nothing is impossible 😊 thanks a lot

First of all congratulations for your beautiful daughter, beautiful words you mention when talking about your experience in childbirth and finally giving birth and having your treasure in your arms, although our experience as parents was different since our son, our brave little one had complications in childbirth and took a long time to cry, by medical order he was in neonatal intensive care, his mommy could have him in her arms at 5 days and me at day 26, it has been a unique and unforgettable experience, it is true that we will do everything in our hands for them and for them.
Although the hours of rest for you and your husband will be less from now on, seeing her grow healthy and strong because of what you do by breastfeeding her and the medical control will make this stage bearable, and there is no doubt that they are the joy of our home and family. Success in your motherhood.

Exactly, but even though after all our worries will turn into happiness as soon as we saw our child growing healthy that really matters to us parents.thank you very much

Wow, what a cute baby. Congrats mommy for a successful delivery. Are you from Sogod, Cebu?

No Im from Sogod Southern leyte. Thank you very much

Ah I see. ☺️

Congratulations! Cutie baby!
You're so blessed!
I hope you get more rest these days. I heard when having a newborn, sleep is less for parents.

Yes less of sleep, but all of the less that I felt vanished as O see my daughter healthy. I never mind if I'm tired because my baby needs me more, so i need to double time. Thank you very much

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