Emmanuel The Botton Muncher.😄

in Motherhood2 months ago

It was a sweltering afternoon in this part of Nigeria. The sun hung low in the sky, casting long shadows across the schoolyard. I wiped the sweat from my forehead as I walked into the school compound to pick my son.

My son, Emmanuel,is a bundle of energy and curiosity this morning His uniform, was neat and well arranged even if i didn't iron it, it was looking really pressed.

This afternoon while I was about to pick him up,his teacher Aunty Chi as the kids foundly called her brought him out with his lunch box and bag. My son quickly ran out of the class with his neck full of white powder the caregiver apply on him because of thr heat. I could see the joy in his face, his eyes wide with excitement. He ran toward me, his tiny hand gripping mine.

My little boy looking so serious on his uniform. Look how open it is because he as eaten the botton and so it's can't be pressed on.

I then noticed his uniform was opened, his class teacher adviced i give the uniform to a tailor to fix.

I don't know what could make him eat his buttons, could it be that he was hungry and felt the button where candy?😄

Well I wouldn't know what his thoughts were but I found it really funny and the way he was making all those baby's talk while i listened, my heart swelling with love for this little button muncher.

It's just a button I said to myself, we would fix it. And that was how this Botton Muncher made me learn a new lesson.
When something get spoilt, fix it or replace it Move on and don't beat yourself over it.
Life’s imperfections were the threads that wove our most beautiful stories.



How beautiful Emmanuel is so happy when he leaves school and that his mother looks for him, hahahaha they don't notice that he skipped a button, the important thing is to return home full of happiness despite the brightness of Nigeria. Greetings.