Spot Lighting with the Kids!

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Spot Lighting with the Kids!

Having kids is a full time job and it can be hard at times especially in periods where there is change or things that kids have never experienced before. Growing up something we used to have a lot of were blackouts due to power failures. For many around the world this still occurs but for us in Australia if you're born in the 2000s it is something that never happens anymore.
Recently we suffered a power outage which was planned due to the ongoing construction and development of our growing community as it transforms from farm land to housing. For both little miss and little bloke they had never experienced a power outage before so we were worried about how they would react.
Fortunatly it was planned for around 9:00pm so late enough that it wouldn't bother them too much as it is close to when they would normally fall asleep anyway and the lights would be back on in time for when they woke up in the morning as power returned at 4:00am.

So to kill the time and reassure them that everything was fine we brought back an activity I used to do a lot of as a kid when there were power outages and that was called Spot light!. Now I know there are two versions of this game one where you try to move towards the torch and not get found but there is also another version which is a lot easier. It involves walking around and just looking for things in the dark.

In this instance we decided to look for what animals and creatures appeared once the lights were out and also investigate what caused the power outage to begin with and after going around the long way (as mum and dad knew where and what caused the outage) we located the reason to why we had no power!

The kids had a wonderful time out and about in the dark and the fact that there were no house or street lights added to the fun and we could even turn "invisible" by turning our flash lights off.

We didn't really get to see many animals but we did find a lot of insects and bugs out and about in the cover of darkness hidden away from all the things that eat them for dinner :)

The kids had a great time and we look forward to doing it again with them.

What are some of the ways you entertain kids in new situations or experiences they have never had before?

Do you have a game you used to play when the power went out? what would you have done?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Also how have you been finding our home videos? we are starting our own Vlog series of cool local events and fun things to do I would really appreciate any feedback to enhance your experience and have more fun together!

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