My Greatest Love

in Motherhood11 months ago


My heart has been broken multiple times that I lost count already. And then one day, this beautiful angel came. She was able to repair and heal the wounds in my heart that it became whole and brand new again. I never thought that motherhood will change how I view life in general. She made me appreciate my existence here on earth. She made me become the best version of me that strives harder to become the best mom for her. She made it easy for me to endure the obstacles as a single mom and she inspires me every single day with her random video calls whenever she's bored at home. She is indeed my greatest love that even if I grow old without a man beside me, I will gladly smile and say "I have her and I have nothing else to ask for". My Kendra Celestine, my daughter, my best friend, my greatest love. 🥰

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feel the same way as you do😊great daughter!

🥰 it's really a life changing experience having our daughter around. 😊

😊😊yes it is!

Same thoughts sa aking unico hijo sis!! btw ang sexy mo momsh!! I love it!!

🥰 They always have that big impact in our lives and sila Lang, sapat na 😊 hehe thank you sis!

Kids have an amazing way with making us feel whole, they are wonderful ❤️