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Authored by @Joel-sena

hello friends.....! How are you today. May Allah protect us all from the virus outbreak in any form.
Today I'm also posting several types of mushrooms, of course, where the location for taking photos is different...
Mushrooms grow fresh on rotting wood branches. I hunt mushrooms not only for immortality but also for me to eat.
but for those of you who like to eat mushrooms, be careful because some mushrooms contain poison.

c1_IMG_20220629_161833_     181b6cfda4e_2.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220630_232911_     181b6cfe0ff_2.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220630_232719_     181b6cfdf8b_6.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220630_232536_     181b6cfdec5_6.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220630_232102_     181b6cfdc60_2.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220629_161931_     181b6cfd83f_3.jpeg

c1_IMG_20220630_231649_     181b6cfd69d_5.jpeg

taking photos using

CameraSmartphone Oppo F7
LocationAceh, Indonesia

greetings from me


Mushroom photography is so beautiful, it looks like the mushrooms are thriving.

Very nice. I recommend using and then posting on Hive with location and destination. That's how I do it.

thanks for the advice and input. hopefully better future

please will you delete from the post pictures that uploaded like grey rectangles? have a shame to present your photos like that.... 😨
maybe Allah will provide you a better internet connection next time.

good. thanks for the criticism. will be removed soon.

Amazing bro!

thank you brother

I am entertained to see your photography on this mushroom.

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