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RE: I only had two

Good luck on your goal G.! I'm sure that you will do great! I am also interested in eating heathy and it has become more of a lifestyle. I had a time when I took it to extreme trying to be vegan, it only worked for some weeks. I tried a lot of things and I think it's very important to have the right nutrition. Cutting off sugar was the biggest thing for me and I'm very happy about it



I went vegan once, had lettuce in my burger.

Ok, I'll be honest, I never went vegan at all.

Hahahha. It's very hard, let me know if you ever succeed, I would be seriously impressed lol

The day I go vegan you can look to the skies to see pigs flying...Meaning it'll not happen.

Hahaha I can always imagine, even if it won't happen. Hmm do I already see a piggy out there? 😂😂

Hahahahhaha Oh I laughed, you've made my day with this meme. The wings remind me of an unicorn. Unipiggy🦄😂