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RE: Pick your sugar... honey

Please tell me you're on YouTube. Not that I endorse YouTube, since they're monsters, but I still use it all the time. Tell me, do you whisper in all your videos? I will have to go look and see. I like it. I love fish and really love cashews. My favorite nut might be almonds. But I'm not totally sure as I tend to love them all. Oh honey, yes, I love honey, pun intended, but I put honey in my oatmeal.


Yes I am on Youtube. I have some channels and I gradually work to get some progress, feel free to check them out.

I congratulate you for eating healthy, it'a a sign of self respect and maturity to be respectful towards your own body.

Yeah, I've been helping people with gardens here. I like your accent or is that just for ASMR?

My accent is due to the fact that english is not my mother language. I guess it is a reminiscence of my native language romanian