Mastering punctuality🙋

Hi there, hivers! How are you feeling right now? How are you today? Please read my fourth blog, which I hope will teach you something.

Self-discovery is not the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to improve oneself.

an early bird

It's challenging to be a student, particularly if your class starts early. My classes begin every Monday at 8:30 a.m., and because I live in a rural area, it can be difficult for me to get at school early. Tuesday until Friday, classes begin at precisely 7:00 a.m. It will only take me six minutes to ride a motorcycle from our house to the highway; however, it will take me twenty minutes to walk there and an additional twenty minutes to get from the alley to the city.

These experiences taught me to get up at five in the morning, take a bath, eat breakfast, and then head to school. You just need to manage your time and get up early in order to be early for school. It is not impossible to get at school earlier.

Improving one self

What does it really mean to improve oneself? The process of raising oneself above others in terms of knowledge, status, or character is known as self-improvement. It may entail establishing a plan to reach your objectives and ensuring that your actions are in line with them.

One path to success is to be aware of the areas in which you still need to grow as a person. While I can't guarantee to be my best self, I will make every effort to be. I do try to get to school as early as possible every day, and maybe this experience will make me more productive.


must be on time

Since you have to be late for work in the real world, I learned to arrive at school early rather than too late. That's the reason I did it; my current actions are superior to my previous ones. To be better, all I have to do is wake up in the morning without needing to set an alarm.

being on time

I know that different people interpret self-improvement differently, but for me, this is how I view every improvement in myself. I arrived early to school so that I wouldn't be late, and as a result, I was able to arrive at my class at precisely seven in the morning. After listening to our professor's discussion, I was able to respond to all of the questions that needed to be answered.


I forced myself to arrive at school early out of fear that it would not disturb students and disrupt the lecture; additionally, the professor might deduct attendance points for tardiness. The first easy way to avoid being late is to pack everything you need for school, including your clothes, the night before, to avoid wasting time and to commit to being on time.

From being late to being better

Being late help me to get better. Avoid being late for school as this will not be acceptable in the future, unless there is an urgent situation. Being late conveys a lack of consideration for others' time and may come across as impolite to co workers who arrive on time.


People will perceive you as being careless if you have a habit of being late. You may not fully comprehend the lesson being taught if you arrive late and miss crucial announcements, instructions, or the start of the lesson.

essential for both personal growth and well being

Understanding and celebrating one's own progress can serve as inspiration to keep working toward personal development, which is why appreciating one's own progress is essential for both personal growth and well being. It supports the notion that efforts result in constructive change.

A mindset of constant learning and development is fostered by embracing self-improvement, which enables people to recognize their areas of weakness and make conscious efforts to grow into their greatest selves.


Great Job miss. Keep it up!

thank you yes po I will

Keep improving @kyla-bacarro. Thank you for sharing your learning on this matter.

I will sir, you're welcome

being punctual is really a hard thing for me since layo gud kaayo sa naga amoa... almost one hour na byahe, but as you've said it's really

essential for both personal growth and well being

so I'll just try improving myself more (⁠─⁠.⁠─⁠|⁠|)!

same jud ta, there's always a room for improvement jud @ridgette 😊

It's nice to see that you're already in the mindset of improving yourself at such a young age!