The enemy to be defeated must be ourselves

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There are many things we want in life and sometimes it costs us too much to achieve them, if we get fat we get sick, we go through various problems that when we face them we come to the conclusion that we must lose weight.

If our economy is going badly it is because we must change jobs or look for other alternatives, if there is something we must learn it is because we are ignorant in that subject, in conclusion we always seek to improve ourselves in our best version, but to improve ourselves who must we beat?

Logically in many things that we want to change, in many things that we must achieve, the challenge to overcome is ourselves, the objective that limits us is our own mentality and personality, therefore the enemy to overcome is ourselves.

We must constantly challenge ourselves

There are achievements to achieve that are not achieved in a single challenge, but in several challenges, for example in that sense of self-improvement when we want to lose weight, especially if it is much overweight we have, we must consider various challenges, such as climbing in various physical activities, gradually changing our eating habits, then consider a lifestyle that is sustainable over time, and that allows us to lead a life in which we do not have to fall into the old habits that led us to such a condition of obesity.

As you have been able to see in the previous example, it is a long process, therefore it requires constant challenges divided in stages, it is not recommended to lose weight very fast, especially taking into account that it is our health that is compromised, what is certain is that it is a process of personal improvement, therefore it is our own attitudes that we must overcome, it is not necessary that we fight with external agents that go beyond our own personal struggle.

Impressing ourselves

In each objective achieved, we are defeating that enemy that is within ourselves that without realizing it opposes the change of our personal improvement goals, so we must praise each achievement obtained in the process, this makes us motivated and makes it increasingly difficult to faint and give up on the road.

The sense of self-improvement is for ourselves

If we are our own enemy to defeat, then we do not have to prove anything to anyone other than ourselves, each achievement will make us understand that if we could, and that if we had not achieved before it was because of fear, fear that little by little we have been overcoming and that to overcome it completely, we must simply demonstrate that our struggle for self-improvement is to prove to ourselves that with struggle, perseverance and optimism everything is possible to win in this life.


very encouraging read, makes me look at life from a different perspective and take something to learn from it, thank you for sharing about this ☺️

Hi, thanks for commenting, good that reading this post has made you see life from a better perspective. Greetings and thanks for commenting.

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