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how are you all, here it is still early evening around 12.00 maybe the time difference is much different from there Pakistan. tonight my post is no longer about photography but about Islamic philosophy.


what is Islamic philosophy: okay, Islamic philosophy is often called Arabic philosophy or Muslim philosophy is a systematic study of life, the universe, ethics, morality, knowledge, thoughts, and political ideas carried out in the Islamic world or Muslim civilization and is related to Islamic teachings. but why are there still so many lay people who are reluctant to talk about it. Never mind talking about philosophy, I was reluctant to hear it alone. Difficult to understand. That's the reason that is often expressed.

However, when there is someone who is serious about discussing Islamic philosophy, many people have an opinion and many bad words that are not pleasant to hear appear. Sok know about philosophy. That's a typical society at large. Some Muslims, there are those who "antipathy" hear about philosophy. Just speak philosophy fluently. But, talking about religion, I don't understand. This is an allusion to people who like to talk about philosophy. Even though philosophy is very important for children today who do not know the past.



philosophy is formed from two terms which are closely related to the notion of philosophy - falsafa is literally philosophy which refers to the study of philosophy, natural science and Kalam literally means to speak which refers to the study of religious theology.

Even though the world's Muslim philosophers such as Ibn Rushd, Al-Kindi, Al-Farabi, and others, really appreciate every difference of opinion from others, differences of opinion can be accepted by one person and another as long as they do not contradict the teachings of Islam. also known to have a high regard for the thinking of the Greek philosophical tradition.

while the Koran has explicitly provided the possibility for that philosophical thought. In the Koran, there are a number of verses that instruct people to use their power of reason by making the universe the object of their thoughts, like we have a tree and we want to cut it and we want to split it into building materials to make a house, it has been entered philosophically. our wish.


Harun Nasution once stated that the development of Islamic philosophy studies can be divided into three periods, namely the classical period, the medieval period, and the modern period. The classical period of Islamic philosophy is calculated from the time of the Prophet Muhammad's death to the middle of the 13th century, which is between 650-1250 AD The next period is called the middle period, namely between 1250-1800 AD The last period, namely the modern or contemporary period, lasted from the 1800s to currently in 2021 even the study of Islamic philosophy is now much reduced by the development of modern times.

In Islamic philosophy the concept was developed that the human soul is not destroyed with the destruction of the body, nor does it experience reincarnation, but is eternal in happiness if one day separates from the body in a pure state and must experience suffering when it is dirty. Thus, classical Islamic philosophy is not simply Greek philosophy dressed in Islamic clothing. Greek philosophy experienced development or Islamization in the hands of Muslim philosophers. These Muslim philosophers believed that the philosophy they presented was a philosophy that was in line with the truth of God's word that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

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