Life realizations after watching Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is one of those classics that you can re-watch over and over and each time you find new realizations and interpretations about life. Most modern movies aim towards a visual or adrenaline impact on a viewer so I stick to these gems that make you think about nature of reality.

Have you watched it? If yes, then the notes below will make more sense. Here's a quick synopsis: The main character, brilliantly portrayed by Bill Murray, wakes up each morning reliving the same exact day and trying to figure out how to break out of it. In this terrifying situation there's also a chance for huge personal growth.

Anyway, here are some notes I scribbled after watching. Hope it helps. :)

  1. Be kind to people (unconditionally), make small gestures of care, help and kindness. It might make someone's day. Don’t expect anything in return.
  2. Live in each present moment as it passes, choose to be happy right now with what you have. Don't wait for tomorrow.
  3. Have courage and take chances. Everything meaningful is outside of your comfort zone. Ignore the rules that don’t matter.
  4. Following your passion enriches your life and gets you into the flow state.
  5. Every situation is in its essence neutral (good nor bad). It's your perspective about it that matters.
  6. We all come here to learn lessons and grow. We repeat the same challenges until we become aware of old patterns and start acting differently.
  7. Become independent and not attached to others. It's nice when you connect with someone on a deep level, but be willing to let go if it's not helping your grow. You are enough.
  8. Be patient with yourself. Things may take time to manifest so just trust the bigger plan.
  9. Never stop being genuinely curious about people you love.
  10. You are the creator of your reality. Your thoughts impact your emotions which then turns into manifestations.