3/3/23! New Episode Review! 🍿 Gene & Ashlee Twilight Zone Review 🎥 (Long Live Walter Jameson) & DailyJams🎸

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0:01 - Twilight Zone Intro
0:11 - Gene & Ashlee Review
2:45 - Episode Clip (1)
4:00 - Gene & Ashlee Talk Again
7:00 - (Spoiler Alert) Close Out Clip (2)

Ashlee & I Watched a New Episode!
“Long Live Walter Jameson”

Ashlee’s Score - 8.5
Gene’s Score - 8.5

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I'll look forward to catching bits and pieces of it at the patient lounge at work.

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I would surely follow up. I love to get updated with television news. Thanks for sharing😊😊

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