Movie Review - Entrust


Entrust is a Nollywood movie produced in 2021.

Producer : Juliet Nwaru Director: Tissy Nnachi Writer: Feyi Sayo Damilola

Darlene who has a scar on her face is tired of Men rejecting her .
In her desperation to feel loved by a Man she decided to do online dating using her friend's picture Kim as her profile picture

Jasper who lives in the U.K was attracted by the picture but became in love with the personality with whom he was chatting with. They had a lot in common.

Jasper now wants to relocate back to Nigeria and can't wait to meet Darlene whom he has been dating for five months online.
Darlene pleads with Kim her friend to go in her stead for a date with Jasper. She wasn't ready to face Jasper yet.
When Jasper meets with Kim(who was acting to be Darlene), there were lots of personality gap. Their conversation was not as interesting as it is when they chat online.
Jasper whose interest for Darlene becomes stronger wants to spend time with her . He wanted to know where Darlene was living , the two friends are home.
Darlene introduces herself as Kim. While the three were conversing Jasper had this connection with Darlene ( who is acting to be Kim ) that he couldn't explain..

Kim has no interest for men for now. But her Mum is on her neck to bring a Man home.
Jasper proposed to Kim ( acting as Darlene) she immediately accepted the proposal because of her Mum.
Darlene is in a big confusion on how to get her Man back...
Kim her friend is already preparing for her wedding with Jasper she didn't even love.
A call came to Kim that Jasper had a ghastly accident which makes him unable to walk.
Kim suddenly loose interest in the marriage, Darlene who was feeling guilty had to go assist Jasper.

The two friends realized that Jasper had discovered their tricks and decided to trick them too by lying that he had an accident so the whole game will end and he can be with his real Darlene.

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Women supporting women, glad the guy uncovered the truth this shows how lying can not solve a problem instead it makes it worse.

I loved reading this, I barely watch Nollywood movies but this was an interesting read.

Thank you 😊.... The movie is interesting

I might check it out

She even telling her friend to go represent here shows she has low self esteem. Although, I know its her incessant loss of suitors. And her friend heeding to her plea is worse...!!

I knew Jasper will know the truth later on. Its a good one from him to devise that method to seek the truth. I hope he forgives her!!😀

Hahaha, her friend just had to what friends would do...

Well, maybe females o. But I won't do that if I were in her shoes..! 🤣