The Grinch Animation (2018) “Crab Bucket Mentality”

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Dr. Seuss' The Grinch


Bombarded with a Christmas theme and holiday spirit, it’s that time of the year where not only drinks are made based on Christmas but also movies that come out celebrating its spirit. While new movies are around, I prefer to re-watch my favorite Christmas story. There are two that I kept watching as an adult but today I’ll be talking about The Grinch Animation rather than the Live action. Both versions have its striking contrast from colors, vibe to the portrayal of the main character even to the backstory that drives the hatred towards festivities of Christmas. I am sure there are main messages that are universal from both but after watching the animation, I think that the animation, though simplified, offers clearer reasoning, ‘if I can’t have it, neither can you’ message that makes you want to spread kindness even more.

Do you have that one person who always tries to bring you down? It’s time to show kindness and from this movie, you’ll know why.


If you didn’t know, The Grinch is the work of Dr Seus and has been adapted into many genres. You can even see the horror version of it as well. As timeless as the story is, the film is worth re-watching but also a great medium to reflect on our year. Perhaps it’s why I enjoy re-watching it. The Grinch is a representation of that one person in your life who always tries to bring you down and would not want to see you succeed. Just like in the movie, the problem might not be you but it could be them. Whether it was motivated by envy, anger, resentment, something is definitely there. While it is not your responsibility to fix them, including them in your life by showing your way and staying true to your dream, goals, and way of living might help make them realize a thing or two.


In this animated version, Even Cindy Lou's motivation was different. Given it was made around 2018, the family setting was different. In this animation Cindy Lou asks Santa to help her mom because she works so hard and she wants her to be happy. Cindy asks The Grinch to come to the feast and asks him to close his eyes so that his sadness could go away. It makes The Grinch stop and even think that he just met the “strangest” little girl. While often during Christmas, people ask for presents, this little girl asks for something that is seemingly non physical. As it does not attempt to stray from the original, the message that festivities aren't always about material is loud and clear. But for the Grinch, it takes a person like Cindy to see through it.



After awakening, The Grinch eventually said sorry and left back to his cave. From that moment, he got back to his place and gave his dog a bone. It’s a form of appreciation that he finally gives to his dog who loyally served him and became his friend throughout the years. He also got invited to the Cindy’s family feast and one part that got me the most is that

‘ it was not the Christmas I hated, it was being alone. But I am not alone anymore and I have all of you to thank for it’.


When comparing the two, I certainly got the message from the animation more than the live action. Technically as two produced in different years, it’s just that this animation has better music as well as story adaptation that makes this piece a classic Christmas must watch. While I know this animation is intended for children, watching as a teen and adult might give different impressions. For now, as an adult, I can only see that the Grinch was someone who has that crab bucket mentality that transforms his life into someone positive who no longer needs to bring others down.


Perhaps that one encounter or that one kindness could really help someone with the crab bucket mentality to move past it. Just like the encounter of Cindy Lou and The Grinch. Where for the first time, Mr Grinch finally feels included and he no longer needs to make others miserable. This is why the Grinch animation is worth watching this festive season, not only for its message but I can tell you as much, the songs are something to be enjoyed too.

screenshot form here here here

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I think we all have some "Grinch" not only around but inside 😆 we just have to learn how to keep it under control (^u^)

There is and we better do make sure that side of us is mostly buried haha.

It's funny how he thought stealing from Christmas will make him feel alot better haha. What a sad poor little things? I love how everything changed and he got to be happy and live among humans. Lovely cartoon.

I am a timid defender of the live action version, although many hate it, nostalgia overcomes me.

This version was very decent, and in my opinion it is, along with Mario Bros., the best Illumination film visually speaking, even so, I needed a little bit more personality in order to love it 😅

Es una película bastante buena y me gusta como la animación es fiel al personaje no recuerdo muy bien la primera, la original Pero vale la pena repasarla

I haven't seen this movie but the way you are telling it is very interesting so I will try to watch it sometime soon.