My Liberation Diary - A Must-See to Liberate Yourself


I have never seen such a TV series that speaks so intensely and yet so naturally to me as this one.

''My Liberation Diary'' is a South-Korean production that appeared this year and really impresses you. I wasn't sure about choosing a South-Korean production to watch, but this one has definitely surpassed all my expectations.

It is so amazing how the series portrays human depths in so few words and such discrete senses of touch.


''My Liberation Diary'' tells the story of 3 young-aged siblings (2 sisters and 1 brother) and a stranger who inhabits their small community. The family works both in the countryside and in the capital, in Seul.

The characters in the series are different instances of human reactions to life and the series constantly presents their struggles.

I don't want to say too many things about this series because I don't want to give spoilers and because it is very difficult to really express the essence of it.

So, it has to be seen. The things I have already said about it or I could further say seem to me so ordinary as compared to the actual series.



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Thank You so much! 💖 I appreciate it.

My first attempt to see a Korean series was recently, when I saw "Extraordinary Attorney Woo". I think I'm going to see this too, just to settle in properly, thank you.

Thank You too for mentioning another Korean series. I will put it on my list 🙂

Where can i find it? Seems interesting!

I have been watched it here

The last thing I watched on Netflix from k-dramas was 21/25 and thirty-nine, both left me without a shred of emotional stability, this one you bring in the post I added to the waiting list, as soon as I recover I will watch it, thanks for sharing.