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Author: @universoperdido

Netflix series that I liked, but were cancelled


Lately, I've been scared to watch a series on Netflix, as the streaming platform has made it a point to cancel the shoots of those that don't meet playback expectations. While not every story told on screen can hook everyone, stopping a story abruptly is also not an action accepted by the fanatic public. I don't like unfinished stories, nor with 'open' endings, which don't stimulate you at all, and for these reasons, I prefer to watch miniseries with a single season and a conclusive, but satisfying ending, or movies, where I know that the whole story is already compressed into a feature film. It's disappointing to watch a series that hooks you and then suddenly find out that there will be no more seasons. Interesting stories that were left unfinished with their climax, in the huge sea of Netflix content. In this post, I want to share those series on the streaming platform that I liked, but that was cruelly canceled.


Author: @elfino28

A Good Doctor let's analyze the series with its 3 versions


Among the variants is the form of punishment at work, in the Korean version it is noted that to punish the doctor for some mistake they gave him the afternoon off, that is, he had to work less, apparently they see working less as a form of punishment. On the other hand, in the other two versions, the sentence for the doctor is to make him work more, over time, but it is a strong cultural influence that is noticeable. As you know, the series deals with a doctor with autism, for these people communication and physical contact are challenging, but in the original version this is not so noticeable, note that in Korea the way to thank is with a bow and not a hug for He did not have that difficulty so markedly, another way to thank is by giving gifts, therefore they do not express affection with physical contact, so it was not a big problem with his disability, of course, there was still a bit of a communication barrier, but no it was just as noticeable as in the other versions.


Author: @franzzonline

Midsommar ~ a jewel of psychological horror~


From this point on the film will focus more on the relationship or lack of relationship that Dani has with her boyfriend's friends, 2 of them, Mark and Josh, are reluctant to relate to her, making the atmosphere feel very uncomfortable, however, Pelle, is the one who tries at least, to be the friendliest of all, while talking with them at a party, he learns that they were all planning to travel long ago to a far away place in Sweden, a place where Pelle comes from that has never been properly documented, This is of great interest to Josh and Christian, who are studying anthropology and need to do a thesis soon to graduate from college, however, the discovery of this trip bothers Dani, who just discovered it 2 weeks before leaving, which causes an argument with her boyfriend, provokes Dani's forced invitation which none of her friends approve, except Pelle, in fact, Mark, is the one who is most unhappy with the decision, trying more than once to convince the protagonist to break up with her once and for all, to no avail.


Author: @suezoe

The Maxx: A super hero born of the subconscious / The Maxx: Un súper héroe nacido del subconsciente


Undoubtedly, it is a different superhero story. I love how bizarre mixed with psychological themes and The Maxx, that dose is perfectly served. We will not just see scenes of action, but will be developed little by little the mystery that envelops the protagonists and in the least unexpected way. I had the opportunity to see the animated series after having read the comic and I must confess that it is from my favorites. I felt somewhat identified on several occasions, because I did not know that we all believe that “fantastic world” or the “other world”, to escape our problems, either when reading a book or doing something we like … at that moment, we are the version of us that Of course, I could not forget to mention the soundtrack of the series, I really loved her and I feel it is in accordance with the animation. No more to add, I recommend you ardamuente not only that you see the animation of The Maxx, but the comic is read, since the animated version is even good, it has many argumental cuts and I assure you that you will enjoy this jewel double, I hope to promote myself with more frames as you are and that to them, they are offered the attention they deserve.


Author: @dayna199019

Una historia real de espias en tiempos de Nazis LLAMADAS A ESPIAR//A true story of spies in Nazi times CALLS TO SPY


It is a plot that is based on real events, female characters that existed and gave everything in the mission they were given, something that we will be able to appreciate in the plot, the moments of tension, danger, anguish that they had to live to advance in that dangerous road, where they were practically cornered by the Nazis invading every city in France, a place where they did not know who they could trust and where they had to keep their true identity a secret. Although the story at the dialogue level is not extraordinary and can feel a bit boring at times, since it seeks to show different scenarios and events that these women experienced on the battlefield, it sometimes makes you feel a little lost among so many angles, of course, allows us to know the work that each one does, which makes me think that the film needed more time to be able to cover each character a little better.


Author: @saravm82

Series Review: The Last Of Us | Episode 1


Recently came out one of the most anticipated series by fans of video games and I must say that I was also anxious for the release of this jewel, because when the game came out it was a marvel, its story, gameplay, characters, among other things, made it one of the best games in history and since its series came out I took the opportunity to remember again its history and I loved it. The name of this series is The Last of Us and the first episode has been a success, its cast is full of great artists and its protagonists give the true essence of the original game, although it has significant changes, they do not affect much and I even dare to say that it improves the original plot. This series is a post-apocalyptic, fiction and drama series set in a world dominated by zombies, which are infected by a fungus and the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world.


Author: @adalathu

With friends like that... | Glass Onion review


The story has several interesting twists that will make us look at things from different points of view as it progresses and that will make us review in our minds what we already saw, however, I think some aspects of it were quite predictable, the final culprit, for example, for my taste was too obvious, I got to the point of not wanting to believe it was that character only because that would be too evident, unfortunately and to my displeasure, it was, which diminished the impact of the ending. The characters were undoubtedly the best part of the film for me, in the group of friends we have enough characters to identify with anyone, plus they all serve to make us laugh a little bit at certain stereotypes, there is a pretentious political, an alternative "entrepreneur", a streamer, a couple of scientists and the billionaire genius that unites them all, if that is not enough we also have the assistant of the businesswoman, the streamer's partner and, of course, the detective Benoit Blanc.



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