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Author: @treasuree

Unwrapping 'The Princess Switch' Holiday Delight"

What sets “The Princess Switch” a cut above the average cookie-cutter cable rom-com are the perfectly cast leads. First Nam’s Stacy projects plucky optimism you can’t help rooting for amidst the well-meaning deceit. Counterpart Ko embodies polished Duchess Margaret’s icy veneer then reveals subtle vulnerability as she discovers simple warmth in Illinois. And square-jawed Phillips oozes stoic dreaminess as entrapped Edward, making us pine right along with smitten Stacy.


Author: @gigi8

"Jules": Una historia para reflexionar ✨

I love that I gave this film a chance even though I wasn't very convinced at first. It was light, simple, tender, humanistic and with a fairly assertive critique, so I consider it a good film. Its simplicity and lack of unnecessary and dramatic twists and turns makes it a good choice to pass the time and see something different.


Author: @annacarstairs

Korean suspense movies I like

Hello dear HIve community, I hope you are doing well. Today I want to come to comment on Korean movies which I have seen and I liked a lot at the level of suspense are very catchy and you always wonder what can happen so let's start.


Author: @olujay

Whispers of Apocalypse: A Quiet Place Review

Like most films of this genre, A Quiet Place starts like the regular "normal day, and then something extraordinary happens." It was all sudden when the real thrills started. One would think it would be about fighting the monsters in the film, but there was more depth to it than just that.


Author: @ochitoalreves

3 películas de David Lynch | 3 movies by David Lynch

This movie was released in 1997 and I consider it another of the most notable works of the director and one of the films that I like most of Lynch. The story of this movie introduces us to Fred Madison (Pullman), a jazz saxophonist who lives in a Los Angeles. One day he gets a very strange call on his home intercom saying "Dick Laurent is dead" but when he goes outside to see who it was, no one is there. Fred is married to Renee ( interpreted by Patricia Arquette), with whom he seems to have a somewhat cold relationship. The couple begins to receive videotapes of their house and even of them sleeping, so they call the police. From here everything starts to become more creepy and seemingly incomprehensible, since after a party to which Renee and Fred went, the latter discovers a videocassette which he sees alone, where he kills his wife which leads him to jail. To avoid spoilers I won't say more, but I will say that this film narrates in a very good way how people sometimes go too far in their thoughts to avoid assuming their own guilt, even creating fictitious scenarios believing that they are the objective reality. A film that although at first I admit I had not understood it very well, when I delved into it and watched it again, it made me love it and think "how the hell didn't I see it before?"


Author: @soyunasantacruz

🎥 Ruido mental || FILM REVIEW

As the film progresses one does not know what is happening, I felt disoriented with all that noise and mental stress, I did not know if the problem was in the house by some spirit or spell, or if there really was a plot in the grandfather's old job, or if this influencer was getting sick from stress and anxiety. When the end was near I understood what was going on and if it wasn't for one of the last scenes and its final twist I would say that this is an excellent movie of this genre.


Author: @universoperdido

Movie Review | BREAKFAST ON PLUTO (2006) | An unforgettable face

I didn't know about this movie until recently, unfortunately, it wasn't very popular when it was released because it wasn't a box office hit, however, it was in the good eye of the critics, being part of several nominations. I didn't know that Cillian Murphy had made a movie where he played a trans girl, when I heard about this, I moved in all the paths of the internet until I found the movie, it wasn't difficult actually.


Author: @gabimramirez

La esperé por meses. Los juegos del hambre: Balada de pájaros cantores y serpientes

Although it is partly seen as a love story, it is not only focused on that. But we do see how through actions, lies and betrayals, Snow becomes what we can see 64 years later when he is president of Panem. Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes is a project made for the fandom. And I love that they bring us stories of the characters of the saga, even if it's about the villain. The truth I must comment that I really liked the movie, I enjoyed every minute of it and it takes me back to 2012 when I could see the first one.


Author: @fabian98

(Review) Iron Man 1: The movie that cemented Marvel legends

Also, according to what I have read, this role of Iron Man catapulted the career of Robert Downey junior, the actor who plays or gives life to Tony stark. And the truth is that he played him wonderfully, although credit must also be given to other actors such as Gwyneth Paltrow who plays pepper potts, Jeff bridges who plays iron monger and terrence Howard who plays iron Patriot, who later on in the second installment is replaced by another actor.


Author: @edeyglezsosa

The Creator: What could have been but wasn't. [Review]

The director responsible for Rogue One of the Star Wars saga takes another big step forward with The Creator. This sci-fi film, whose biggest weakness is having a rather questionable script, has a great story that offers endless possibilities. An emotional story in a post-apocalyptic future where there is a rivalry between humans and artificial intelligence, leading to a war between North America and Asia. At first it comes to feel a bit generic and artificial, but it gets a lot better as it progresses. The special effects and action scenes are good enough to keep your attention on the screen. The conflict between humans and robots generates some interest in how the artificial intelligence manages to be as close to a real human being as possible because of the feelings it develops. While the real humans seem to become increasingly dehumanized, unaware that they have managed to create beings that can possess feelings and a soul. The film comes to feel like something out of the literature of Isaac Asimov or other science fiction authors, but the concept is noticeably heavily inspired by anime. Aside from being post-apocalyptic, it comes to feel like a cyberpunk film at times.


Author: @richardalexis

Good Burger 2 (2023) review: The sequel that nobody asked for.

Although Good Burger was born as an extended version of a Sketch that in theory should not work in such a format, and the quality of the final result was quite mediocre, I admit that its clumsy nature ended up working in its favor, creating an absurdist classic that represents very well the crazy humor of the 90s with all its virtues and defects.


Author: @beckyroyal

Voyagers.....(movie review)

I also wondered why the need to create perfect humans similar to robots when in truth humans are never perfect. I honestly think that perfect is boring, which was what was beautifully portrayed by the actors till Christopher and Zach, who were friends discovered that a drug was put in a drink called blue to suppress their sexual desires and feelings of pleasure which ultimately means no natural copulation or reproduction.


Author: @dinaaczib

Review and opinion of "No one will save you" (2023) [English subtitles]

In my video review you will be able to know more precisely my opinion about this interesting science fiction movie that, believe me, is not just another alien movie, it has many elements that differentiate it from the rest and that undoubtedly fulfills the function of entertaining us. A big hug to everyone!


Author: @aletoalonewolf

Movie Review: Loving Vincent (2017)

The film was made in this way because the directors wanted to pay tribute to the life and work of Vincent van Gogh, recreating his paintings and style in a unique and original animation. According to Hugh Welchman, co-director of the film, his wife Dorota Kobiela's idea was to "go back to painting, but at the same time stay in film" and "tell the story of Van Gogh through the paintings he made. " In addition, the directors wanted to convey the emotion of the real characters Van Gogh painted, so they used the technique of rotoscoping, which consists of tracing over the real images to create an animated animation.In addition, the directors wanted to convey the emotion of the real characters that Van Gogh painted, so they used the technique of rotoscoping, which consists of tracing over real images to create an animation. The film was a technical and artistic challenge, which required a lot of time, money and talent, but achieved an impressive and innovative result, which had never been seen before in cinema.



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