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Author: @universoperdido

Film Review: Pornomelancolía (2022) The other side of the porn world

The film portrays the strong feeling of melancholy that Lalo Santos suffers in real life; a feeling that the director, according to Santos, took advantage of to give the film a more emotional feel. The controversy continues with Santos declaring that there are filmmakers who take advantage of the negative feelings of their actors to give a more realistic touch to their product, and the actor's displeasure was so great that he did not even attend the premiere of the film about his life. The dispute became so heated that to this day Santos has cut off all relations with the director, dedicating himself only to what he does.


Author: @edwarlyn11

Review || ✨TRIVIA QUEST✨ || Netflix interactive series (2022)

The story itself is very striking because it does not present us with the typical round of random questions as in the application, but is presented as an adventure story itself, because as you answer correctly you earn a certain amount of points or coins that allow you to unlock a new character that the evil Rocky has kidnapped to dominate the city, however with the help of our friend Willy and our knowledge in general culture, we can beat him and rescue them all. This series consists of several chapters giving you the chance to collect enough keys to free each character, each character requires a certain amount of keys that will depend on our mistakes, the more we make mistakes the more times we must repeat the chapters, but if we can answer correctly most of the questions, we can pass the level faster and thus know the end of the adventure. Also in this story they let us know our progress with a fun animation making us look and believe that we are really inside the series as a real video game.


Author: @maeugenia

Familia Revuelta, Ideal para ver esta Navidad // Familia Switch, Ideal to see this Christmas

Familia Switch is a film that has nothing innovative and whose theme has been exploited many times, however, it is easy to watch and fun, ideal to watch with children at home. I liked that there was an allusion to the film that Jennifer Garner made called "If I Were 30" and that addresses the issue of changing bodies. Garner's performance was fabulous, fresh and beautiful as always, the years do not pass by her, I also liked the performance of her daughter, she was very convincing in her adult character.


Author: @filotasriza3

Slow Horses Series Review

In general, the show is quite average in my eyes. The acting is mediocre, each case doesn't present much of a mystery but what makes this series from average to good is Gary Oldman. The guy is a magnificent actor, when he fools around you laugh and when he gets serious you anxiously wait for his next move. Only for him, the show deserves a change and won't disappoint!


Author: @aletoalonewolf

Movie Review: 5 centímetros sobre segundo

The film is a reflection on love, nostalgia, loneliness and hope, using an animation of great beauty and realism, accompanied by emotional and evocative music. The title refers to the speed at which cherry blossoms fall, symbolizing the fragility and ephemerality of life and human relationships. The film has been praised by critics and the public, and has received several awards and recognitions. Love and life are ephemeral and changeable, and that we must accept the passage of time and the circumstances that separate us from the people we love. The film shows how the protagonists grow apart as the years go by, and how their feelings transform or fade away. The film also suggests that love is not enough to maintain a relationship, and that sometimes we have to let go of the people we love in order to move on with our lives.


Author: @apineda

Revisión de la película La chica del Sótano / The Girl in the Cellar Movie Review

Last weekend I saw one that I can't particularly say that I enjoyed, due to the fact that it is set in a real life event, and just the thought of a person going through that makes me emotionally charged, but it is a good movie that allows great reflections, this is The girl in the basement, or in English Girl in the basement.


Author: @chenee

"Clean with Passion for Now" by No Jong-chan Review (Episode 1): What's it like to be suffering to Mysophobia

It is so funny when the episode further shows the condition of Jang Seon-kyul (Yoon Kyun-sang) when he is meeting a girl in a cafe, he disinfects the table of the cafe to everyone's amusement while the girl he is about to meet is still on the way. The staff offered to wipe the table but he said that he was going to do it (see image below).


Author: @merit.ahama

𝑹𝒐𝒎𝒆𝒐 & 𝑱𝒖𝒍𝒊𝒆𝒕 𝑶𝒓 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒊𝒆 & 𝑱𝒖𝒍𝒊𝒆 - "Love In The Villa" Review

Love In The Villa is a 2022 movie released in September, a movie with low ratings from many movie sites maybe for the popular story in it's plot but for that same reason, I'll rate it more higher as it was just what I wanted to see. The movie is starred by Tom Hopper and Kat Graham, I'm not familiar with these characters but I'll commend their roles in the movie as it got me curious to check for more movies from them.


Author: @leisasa

My opinion about the movie: White Chicks

Because it is a comedy, it does not delve into the characters' history. This does not have that great depth in its plot, although it complements all those moments of absurd madness. In every minute of the movie, there is always an occurrence, a joke or a situation that made me laugh. It is true that some scenes are a little predictable, but that does not take away from the fun. The movie exceeds its goal by far: it managed to make me have an incredible time.


Author: @fabian98

Napoleon: Is it an excellent film worthy of an Oscar? (Opinion)

I also add the excellent performance of each of the actors not only Joaquin Phoenix but also Vanessa Kirby as well as Tahar Rahim. Vanessa Kirby as well as Tahar Rahim. In fact Joaquin Phoenix's performance reminded me a lot of his role in the gladiator where he also plays the Roman emperor although with a slight difference since here he is the good guy of the story.


Author: @jrjaime

[Animation review] [Eng | Esp] The Eminence in the Shadow | A pretty funny Isekai

The animation has an excellent level of detail and fluidity that makes it a more than pleasant visual delight, its main attraction lies in the elegance of its combats and its colorful powers, and these elements make a pleasant combination that gives character to the game. animation.


Author: @gigi8

"Oh, my ghost": Una comedia fallida 🍿

To be honest I didn't have any kind of expectations with this film, since I read the synopsis I knew it wasn't a big deal, but I wanted to laugh for a while and I thought it could at least do that, but no. I have a limit for certain things, and I have mine for plots that fall into the absurd and make no sense, and by the way they don't make me laugh even once. One has a limit for certain things, and I have mine for plots that fall into absurdity and lack sense, and incidentally don't make me laugh even once.


Author: @wiseagent

MOVIE REVIEW - “Seinto Seiya: Jashin Erisu | Saint Seiya: Evil Goddess Eris” (1987)

On the positive side, the script brings very interesting care to the visual aspect of the franchise. Working with ideas aimed at highlighting the artistic traits that bring the characters to life. This is done in a very skillful way, with a very diverse and colorful color palette, as well as striking features that immortalize the image of all these well-known zodiac heroes. Furthermore, in the plot, aspects related to culture involving Greek mythology are brought up with an interesting punctuality, such as the very presence of the goddess Eris and the Golden Apple of Discord.


Author: @neruel

Sweet Home Season 2 | A Good or Bad Return? Series Review

The first season of the series was widely criticized for a number of reasons, among them the handling of the essence of Webtoon in a permanent way. This is somewhat interesting, as the series does not show horror like the American public is used to seeing. Rather, it maintains the essence of Manhwa. Some will say this is lousy, and others will simply like it. That is what is happening now.



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