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Author: @beysyd

LEO, a lizard with a lot to live for

As for the animation, I have nothing bad to say, the movie is beautiful, even though Leo is a lizard, it’s nice to look at, it’s like watching a grandfather and for me that is, although also a teacher for life.


Author: @yanimedina

Fast & Furiosos X ( 2023) / Rápidos & Furiosos X (2023)

There is also a post-credits scene where Luke Hobbs (The Rock) is apparently on a mission in an abandoned house when he receives a call from Dante where he blames him for killing his father and for setting off the gun against his father and tells him to prepare to make him suffer, creating another question: What are the plans for revenge against Luke Hobbs? I'm particularly a fan of the Rock and it's exciting to see him back in this saga.


Author: @hiramdo

Sonido de libertad

The stereotype of the lead performer is modified in this production, without emitting a projectile, he disguises himself as a doctor from an international organisation. He enters the intricate skein of the Colombian region, his objective is to rescue the girl who is in the hands of the paedophile commander of the Colombian guerrilla. He enters the barracks where the command of the guerrilla front operates, liquidates the commander Alacrán, the security is lethargic in a deep sleep. He gets the girl, takes her on a boat downstream. And he does his job without getting a scratch. These are things that make me say that this is what they are trying to encourage, to maintain the profile of American cinema's leadership. The selection of the cast to cover the creation against global paedophilia. Paedophilia is a burden that the world has and it must be fought with family and citizen education. It is basic to confront this and all the anti-values that bog down the whole system in the five continents.


Author: @cjlugo

Nobody is a thriller loaded with a lot of black humor

From the way the movie turned out, it seems that there will be a sequel, I just hope they don't extend it as much as John Wick, although I can't complain because the first one was great. If the second one happens I will definitely see it. Now, I can conclude that it is worth sitting down for an hour and a half to watch this film, as I mentioned initially, it has a very good actor, for me that's where its success lies, and not only him but all his environment is very well worked. In this first installment both the protagonist and the antagonist masterfully interpret their characters, which is appreciated.


Author: @tegoshei

Goodbye Forever... INSIDIOUS: The Red Door

In addition to that, I love how art was incorporated in the movie this time around. Art is an expression of ourselves, more so, it's a reflection of the artist's deepest thoughts. It might be quite simple for most people, but the way they conquered their demons was impressive for me. Art can be a weapon... a weapon to conquer your inner demons. Oh well, you'd know what I mean when you watch the film.


Author: @wiseagent

MOVIE REVIEW: “The Doorman” (2023)

There is no depth whatsoever in the characters' lives. They just appear on the screen to try to tell some kind of joke or simply to be part of it and from that, the editing joins the scenes together and decides to create a movie that looks more like a patchwork quilt stitched together with different episodes of some series television and this strategy don’t work very well because all the resources used to “make up” this type of approach is something very clear, hindering any type of “cognitive construction” on the part of the audience (in other words, it's not funny).


Author: @jrjaime

[Movie review] [Eng | Esp] Best Christmas. Ever! | Cliches are given

The plot has a good dose of humor, I have to admit that some jokes are more stupid than anything else but well, its "reflective" moments are actually quite pathetic and without a moral that is too complex, to the above is added a considerable amount of clichés that make the film look less original. Narratively the film is furious, this is due to the fact that most of the time what drives the plot is stupidity and even uncomfortable, at the same time, the fact that it invests so much time in said nonsense means that it has little time to develop its final twist, which makes it feel strange. The duration is fine, the problem is that its distribution is terrible.


Author: @ikigaidesign

A miniseries of suspense and mystery | Review No Escape

The story grabs you, it has its good moments, although the plot is a bit repetitive, the way everything happened, it is here where you get an idea, but it turns out to be something else; however, it has good scenes, a great scenery, beautiful scenery, the adventure of traveling on a yacht, the excitement, the adrenaline, and being able to enjoy these beautiful and refreshing waters.


Author: @edfer18

The Tunes are back-Opinion on the movie "Looney Tunes: Back in action"

To be honest, since I am in this Looney Tunes scenario stepping on reality, I have not yet seen the last Tunes movie where they teamed up in Space Jam with one of the current basketball stars Lebron James, maybe soon I will watch it and share with you my impressions, if it is worth it or not and if it destroys everything that was built with Space Jam.


Author: @aletoalonewolf

La increible vida de Wlater Mitty/The secret life of Walter Mitty

The film narrates the adventures of Walter Mitty, a shy and dreamy man who works as a photo editor at Life magazine. Walter has a habit of escaping his dull reality by imagining fantastic scenarios in which he is the hero, the lover or the achiever. However, his life changes when he learns that the magazine is going out of print and that he must find the perfect photo for the latest cover, taken by the famous photographer Sean O'Connell (Sean Penn). To do so, Walter will have to embark on a journey around the world, following the clues that Sean has left him, and live experiences that will surpass his own fantasies. Along the way, Walter will also try to win the heart of his co-worker Cheryl (Kristen Wiig*), with whom he is secretly in love.


Author: @adalathu

Between Ghosts and Crimes | Review of "A Hunting in Venice"

I must say that I came to this movie with high expectations due to the cast and the story, but also with some doubts that I had been dragging from the previous movie of the Poirot saga, which although it was very entertaining, had many scenes that I found somewhat questionable in terms of dialogue and acting. However, Hunt in Venice made sure to erase them for me quickly. The plot is simple and to some extent predictable, especially if you are familiar with the genre, but the charm of this film lies not in that, but in the path that Poirot and his assistant follow to discover the culprit of the crimes. In that aspect, it delivers an entertaining story, with the usual twist at the end, which is customary in this type of productions. In addition, it creates a sinister and disturbing atmosphere in which the characters not only fear being murdered, but also being haunted by ghostly entities.


Author: @universoperdido

Film Review: No voy a pedirle a nadie que me crea (2023) An unmemorable thriller

I am not a fan of this kind of feature film and this work did not make me change my mind. I found it boring, absurd, insipid, and not very understandable; it didn't understand well what it wanted to expose. It is supposed to be a tragicomedy, but the film has so many genres intermingled, that I failed to grasp the concept of humor other than a few jokes and atypical situations.



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