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Author: @gigi8

"El joven Kieslowski": Un vistazo a su mensaje erróneo 🍿

This protagonist was a red flag in every aspect, he was selfish, he was immature, he was manipulative, and just the fact that his mom was on the verge of death and he didn't want to be with her because he just didn't seem to care spoke volumes about him. And by the way, showing his point of view to make a decision like deciding whether to have a baby or not was not bad, what was pathetic is how he pretended to agree with her, when he was a coward who was not honest with her and wanted others to tell her what he wanted her to do (which was to have an abortion).


Author: @cristiancaicedo

American Fiction (2023): a brave and necessary statement | un pronunciamiento valiente y necesario

Monk is tired of the stereotypes present in the stories of his people. Slavery, low-income communities, crime, drugs, fragmented families, rappers, domestic violence, use of inappropriate language, speech with little diction... always the same story, always the same characters, gang members, absent parents, who have filled pages and screens for decades. It's not that the writer denies that reality, but he's convinced that the black community in the United States is so much more than that. Limiting themselves to the same old labels reduces them to their usual role: that of victims of society, of circumstances, of destiny.


Author: @fabian98

Review + opinion - ARGYLLE | Movie Review 🎥 (Nothing you see is real)

The first thing I can say about this spy movie is its great and exciting twists in the plot, those twists paralyze your heart and make you change everything you were understanding as you go watching the movie. Since I could find 3 super important plot twists but 5 general twists, but that is why some people consider it weird because of the spontaneity of the scenes, of course you have to know that it is not a serious movie, since it is a comedy in the purest deadpool style I would say but without so much blood.


Author: @freidimar18

Review | Action and adventure movie | Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019)

In short, I must say that Dora and the Lost City is one of those movies that has definitely captured our screens, you will enjoy every second of it with your loved ones. Its adventures in the jungle is captivating, plus the development of the characters, will make you stay until the end, that said, based on my experience I give it a score of 4.9/5, Thanks for making it this far movie buff! Blessings.


Author: @maitt87

Griselda ǁ Opinion

I won't dwell too much on the written part, as I consider my opinion to be quite complete in the video. However, I do want to comment on certain things that I did not mention in the recording. One of the things I loved is that "Griselda" is very well done aesthetically. The 70's setting was carefully executed, and the lighting captures the essence of the era. Also, despite being a series that theoretically should show a lot of crudeness in terms of deaths, it goes above and beyond. That's not to say it's not intense, but I think the main purpose is to convey a woman's struggle to gain power in a male-dominated arena.


Author: @neruel

A Killer Paradox - Fake Hero | Serie Review

I should clarify that bullying serves as a catalyst and reflex to commit crimes; it is the same as the environment of domestic violence or drugs. If this environment exists, it will serve as a catalyst, and the likelihood of crime will increase. It is more frequent, as the series shows little by little. The protagonist of the story has repressed himself for years, and because of impulses, his limbic brain was not capable of rationing, and he acted in self-defense when someone tried to kill him. By the way, the self-defense shown in the series is dishonest and unproportional.


Author: @slwzl

Star Wars: The Bad Batch - Temporadas I y II

My daughter and I loved this series; the truth is that it is a good sequence of everything that is the world of Star Wars and we recommend watching it after seeing "The Clone Wars". On the other hand, the good news is that Disney announced for this February 21, 2024 the third season, and we will be attentive to enjoy what happens after leaving us some sadness, unknowns and some joys.


Author: @belug

A comedy to enjoy a quiet time: Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts

It turns out that difficult topics such as infidelity, confusion, a screw-up and issues that "should" generate some kind of chaos, are addressed in an entertaining, funny way, without much trouble. This is something that I really liked about the series, because things happened that made me think "oh no, how awful!" And suddenly the characters were laughing and seeing that same thing that for me was a drama, as something insignificant and even funny.


Author: @soyunasantacruz

Documentary The future of... - Documental El futuro de.. | Review and thought

It is proven that having contact with nature is beneficial to health, maintaining visual and tactile contact with plants relaxes us, gives us a better quality of life and purifies the air, in the future houses or apartments will be immersed in the jungle, people will live in the midst of nature because all its decoration will be natural, walls, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, will have plants that will not only fulfill a decorative function, but will be genetically manipulated to be fluorescent and serve to illuminate the area generating less environmental impact by reducing the consumption of electricity.


Author: @ikigaidesign

The price of money: Pain Hustlers | Review Movie

Definitely, as I said, money moves everything, and changes you, some for a better life, others are complicated, but there is no doubt that it is necessary and useful at the time; this film goes beyond all this, shows a reality that perhaps not many want to see, but it is so, when the time comes, we lose judgment, reason, we get carried away by our darkest desires, and act at our convenience, then come the regrets, but as Emily (Liza) said, what's done is done.



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Interesting, I enjoyed reading that part of the review here. Thank you very much for the mention and support.

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Thanks for being here! Always fun to check out what you've been watching. I admit some have made me check the k-dramas out :^)

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