Glass Onion (film): It's ok, but not great

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I noticed that for some reason this film was getting some sort of political backlash from various groups online. I can't really imagine what that was all about but now that I have seen the film I have a feeling this might have been fabricated on the part of the people who made the film in order to stir up some controversy and therefore get some free advertising.

My final opinion of this movie is that it is reasonably entertaining but not really anything special. It's worth seeing, but not good enough to devote your full attention to it.


There are some pretty big names in this and for the most part I think they did a good job with casting. One thing I don't understand is why they felt as though they needed Daniel Craig to speak in a USA southern accent. While I admire the fact that he is capable of doing multiple accents I feel as though his role would have been better if he had just been British. It would have felt more natural and it could have made the film a lot better IMO. Maybe it is based on some sort of book and it was necessary for him to sound like Yosemite Sam, I have no idea.


The plot is something you could figure out pretty quickly and the fact that this is a murder mystery shouldn't be a mystery on its own seeing as how it is on all of the advertising including the above poster. The problem with this mystery is that there is no investigation happening on the part of the viewer. The story is painstakingly spelled out for you and unlike other mystery films there is no chance that you could figure it out based on clues that are on screen because they don't let us see these things until after the fact with a different camera angle or some sort of backstory that we weren't privy to at the time we were first shown it.


I would say that this movie is more of an unfunny comedy than it is a mystery film. They did put a lot of money into the production value and because of this most of the scenic shots are pretty amazing. The facility itself is pretty impressive and I wouldn't mind knowing where that is and if it is actually real.


Ok so I went and looked and no, it is not a real place but Netflix attempted to convince people that it was and even listed it for sale for $450 million. Cheeky buggers.

Back to the film. Ed Norton doesn't do much in the way of films anymore so it was nice to see him in one of the lead roles. He plays the part of the island's owner and is a billionaire head of some sort of company. He invites a bunch of his friends from his past to participate in a murder mystery at his mansion. The rest of the story is spelled out for you as the movie proceeds. Like I said before, this is not an intelligent movie and I think that most people could probably not even pay full attention to it and still understand all of it.

It was nice to see a role given to Dave Bautista and he was one of my favorite characters in the entire production.

Should I watch it?

The film is entertaining enough although it is really dumbed down and not really much of a mystery at all. When the big reveal happens at the end the events leading up to it are spelled out to you in a way that a child could easily understand. There is no breathtaking finish here like we would see in Se7en or The Sixth Sense, which I personally was disappointed by.

This film is neither great nor terrible and you could do a lot worse with 90 minutes of your life than to see it. That being said it is quite "meh" so anyone looking for greatness should probably steer clear of it.



This is "funnier" than the first one, but... The first one is a lot better than the second.

you know, i've never actually even seen the first one so perhaps I should go and do that.

I agree with you, my friend. For me, the second movie is good, but the first one was much better, I fell they kept us in suspense, this one was so predictable. I think it didn't quite capture that same excitement and tension I felt in the first one.

However, I still enjoyed seeing the characters, some of them were really funny. Hopefully, the next movie will be better than this one.

Thanks for sharing your opinion on the movie with us 🤗✌️

oh it's not a terrible film... it just isn't as great as the case might suggest to a lot of people that it might be.