The Rain Review: What Will You Do As A Deadly Virus Carrier

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Have you every imaging an apocalyptic situation where something happened that almost ended the human race and you are the key to either save or destory the world among other survivors, what do you think you can do in this scenerio. If you have been a fan of apocalyptic based movies, this kind of thought would have cross your mind in one way or the other. The info page really draw me to check out the move and after finding out it is a 2020 apocalyptic based movie, I just give in and later find it interesting that i finished the 3 seasons within 36 hours.

Everything started when the leader of apollon Sten who was a wicked leader with hidden intention joined forces with some researcher and decided to create a deadly rain to wipe out the world with the hope of having a backup plan to save the world by creating their own virus which they can use to change the world. The so called virus was inserted in a boy Rasmus who was hidden with his sister Simone in a bunker by their father who was one of the scientist working in Apollon before the deadly rain started. Unfortunately for them, their father abandon them in the bunker for six years and they lost their mother to the rain.

Things wasnt easy for this siblings when they eventually came out of the bunker and had to work hand in with some survivors to find means to surviving, locate Rasmus father and also understand what is going on in the world after been away for six whole years. Well things got worst when they locate their father in apollon and find out that Rasmus is the virus carrier and the only one that can either save the world by getting a cure that can stop the virus from spreading within and outside the zone or destroy the world by endangering the life of the remaining survivor, which means they need to destroy him.

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Well things did not go as planned when Sten find out the world cant be cured and the virus cant be destroyed, instead he decided to use Rasmus for his selfish gain by controlling him and also create more species like him. On the other hand Simone (Rasmus sister) embark on the mission of finding a solution to destroy the virus totally before it destroy the world. There are lot of questions going on within me as I was watching the episodes and i had to wake up all night to find out what happened. was it resolved or did Sten get away with his evil act? what happened to Rasmus, did he turn out to be the evil one? did he save or destory the word? Did Simone find the cure? Lot and lot of questions you will be curios to know.

My View

I dont want to be a spoiler but I still have to point out somethings about the movie, even though the movies was interesting to watch, I still dont like how Rasmus and Simone behave at first, too stubborn to hear what other say to them but adamant to locate their father, well they find out what they want to know which change their entire mission and even put her brother in more danger because they have been looking for him for 4 years, also the face that he gave in to Sten idea and almost got manipulated but he was able detect Sten wicked act, killed him, almost endangered his life but at the end it is what it is.

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screenshot on netflix

Well this look like a difficult movie to watch. Your description makes it bad. However, I don't think I'd know what to do if i were Rasmus. Very complex situation.

Good to see your review anyway.

the movie isnt that bad and is quite interesting lolz, you can check it out and really appreciate your comment

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