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RE: Hive Posts Length | What is the average word count? | Are longer posts rewarded more?

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What i find a lot is that shorter posts with minimum text implies laziness, unless there is an original video or original photos etc that add the value. For me, I definitely tend to reward longer clearly structured and thought out posts more. Some great examples are @tarazkp and @galenkp, who are two excellent posters I like to support. They write engaging well thought out structured posts and always engage by reading and replying to people's comments. They also show up everyday with something usefull or interesting to say and never a short post that could be construed as lazy.


@ablaze I agree with you as both @tarazkp and @galenkp are my favorite reads for a long time and I am surprised that they are not in here. If both of them have to do dual language posts, they will certainly appear in these stats.

But that should never be the aim, as quality and well thought out structured posts in my mind is the way to go.

Thank you Zac, it's always a pleasure to hear I provide some value to others on the blockchain.

You know me @galenkp, and I give credit where it is due.
If you were to do "wonky" posts I would be a stranger to you :)
Value is as value goes and so many are here just for the bucks.
Instead we are building the future and quality is paramount.

Thanks for the mention and your interaction on my posts, you always do so with validity and interest. I appreciate that.