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For one of the very first articles I write here on HIVE Blog, I have decided to talk about WAX. No, not the beauty product. I am talking about WAX blockchain. WAX stands for "Worldwide Asset eXchange", a well established fork of EOS.

What makes WAX special? Well, mainly, it is a VERY popular platform for creating, buying, selling and sharing NFTs (non fungible tokens). Groups such as Atari and Funko have created NFT collections in there. More notably, the WAX community has been working hard (as a whole) to include the concept of NFTs in games, thus allowing people to trade powerups and other perks inside games with each other.

Another major point in favor of WAX is that it has very low fees to interact with smart contracts and send tokens and assets. Essentially, if you stake WAX to the system, you can keep using the network at no extra cost. In this regard, thus, WAX is similar to HIVE, however, in WAX you also earn some small daily rewards from staked resources too.

To get started, your best bet is probably getting an account at MyCloudWallet, a web wallet that lets you interact with everything in WAX. So, no downloads are required. However, there are also other possible wallets you can use, such as Wombat wallet (relatively easy) and the Anchor wallet (great for more expert users and / or developers).

Last but not least, I will post a couple of links below with the most useful sites in the WAX blockchain. It does not contain everything, but its a good start.

WAX Official Site, featuring wallets, news, guides, and more: wax.io

Binance, a very good way to trade WAX (WAXP) for other crypto such as BTC and ETH: binance.com

Please note that in most trading sites that trade WAX, the token symbol, or ticker, is WAXP

ALCOR Exchange, one of the most used DEX for WAX: alcor.exchange
Note that Alcor also has support for EOS and Telos.

AtomicHub, a place to create NFT collections (and the NFTs themselves) in an user friendly way. AtomicHub is also one of the main NFT marketplaces: https://atomichub.io

WAXDAO: If you want to create staking farms, new tokens, and / or other many cool things in WAX, WAXDAO is your friend: https://waxdao.io

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Thank you for explaining WAX in detail.

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