Here's "How BlackRock" is Actually Winning The War in Ukraine...

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In my post that I wrote on Saturday revolving around the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin, I said and continue to stay true to my saying that if it weren't for NATO and the decision of NATO/America to push Ukraine through the puppet president Ukraine has towards the alliance, there would be no war at the moment.

Ukraine has had enough of Zelensky; hence, the Ukrainians are currently protesting against Zelensky in Kiev. But let's get back to NATO, shall we? So, why does NATO need Ukraine? Well, it's a game of money, control, and egos here, but we're gonna mostly talk about money in this post.

So, whatever country joins NATO needs to fulfill a military standard, and in order to do that, most of the countries are having contracts with American defense companies such as Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman. The war machine is a really profitable industry; thus, the industrial-military complex has to ensure that there are always wars happening somewhere around the globe.

These wars always take place outside the American borders, but the so-called patriotic troops never ask themselves how the heck are we defending the country if we are always fighting abroad? Anyway, that's a topic for a future post...


So, when we hear that America is giving another batch of military aid to Ukraine, what in fact really happens is that the American defense manufacturers are getting new contracts. Mitch McConnell said that with his own words in Congress; the money doesn't fly to Ukraine; some of that war machinery might, though...

So far, Ukraine has over $200 billion in loans taken from the US in the form of military aid, money which is actually being paid by the American taxpayer but considered a loan to Ukraine anyway, a loan that will never be paid back but will guarantee that private companies will get insane deals for buying highly valuable assets from Ukraine.

This is a high-level money laundering scheme with BlackRock at the top of the pyramid. Taxpayer money is being used to pay for the military equipment America is sending to Ukraine, but the ones profiting from the so-called loan given to Ukraine are private companies, mostly owned by BlackRock.

Romania was called the grain basket of Europe during our communist years, but for a while, after the external forces managed to take down the communist leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, and put everything on sale in the country, Ukraine took that place. But after the war is over, and it will be over soon after Trump gets into office at the White House in November, Ukraine will be owned in big part by BlackRock.

Ukraine has already sold 30% of its agricultural land to Dupont, Cargill, and Monsanto. Who do you think owns these companies? You guessed it, BlackRock... You know who's been given the $1 trillion contract for rebuilding Ukraine? You guessed it again...

BlackRock, to me, is the clear winner of this war, probably every war in the past few decades. This giant investment company owns shares, big chunks of them, in almost any relevant company you can think of. BlackRock needs to have the world at war so that it can profit from American defense companies' revenues.

BlackRock is winning in Ukraine no matter the outcome, all of that happening at the cost of hundreds of thousands of poor innocents dying. Meanwhile, all we do is argue on the internet whether Putin is a monster or not. Well, surprise, surprise, the black monster is eating up large chunks of Bitcoin right now through its TEF, so what are you going to do?

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The BlackRock, is the one benefitting from the war in Ukraine. It looks like the bargain leave the citizens with no options

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Well we can always do what we’ve always do — Nothing. Because that’s all we can do. The masses are just pawns to the elites who are making the moves backstage. Bitcoin was untouchable until it wasn’t.

At least we can get informed and stay prepared… There’s actually not much thing to do against BlackRock and the establishment… It’s a sad situation and the plan of getting to a new world order is in place for a long time…

Yes, staying informed and prepared sure helps. A new world order is sure taking place. We’ve just got to adapt to the new changes and find ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Ukraine has already sold 30% of its agricultural land to Dupont, Cargill, and Monsanto.

Woah. The land is being parceled out and sold.

I don't know exactly how they're doing it but it's happening...