I can mint "my own HIVE" and nobody can send me to jail for that, but I can't "mint dollars" without going to jail

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“Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky and speculative gamble, and we are concerned that Fidelity would take these risks with millions of Americans’ retirement savings.”


That was Senator Elizabeth Warren on Fidelity's plans on offering Americans the option to some of their 401(k) in bitcoin. Now, I'm not an American and don't have much details on how retirement accounts work over there, but @bozz has bothered to explain to me a bit how this thing(401k) works in a comment yesterday.

I'm a simple minded man and my logic goes this way: if I can take $10,000 out of my own account and bet it on soccer games or play that in a casino and nobody is forbidding me to do so "because it could be risky" for my finances, why the fuck should I have to ask permission if I can put some of that retirement money in Bitcoin?

Same goes for ETFs, crypto seen as investment opportunities, and so on... Whatever the government disagrees with or is stealing a bit of its power... or doesn't have much profit from that particular thing it is labeled as "risky".


Casinos are safe for your finances, McDonalds is healthy for your health and Coca-Cola is also "safe to drink", but you can't put your hard earned money into whatever investment you please, treat covid with ivermectin or use your natural immunity instead of the damn vaccines.

We're asking the wrong people for permission. Isn't it obvious that these guys such as Fauci, Senator Warren, Lagarde and so on aren't working for our good, health and wealth? Wouldn't it be the time to start showing them the middle finger and create our own damn world... from scratch.

How long are we going to keep on spinning inside the same hamster wheel? How dumb and complacent this damn society can be?

Was reading today that Argentina has ordered banks to no longer offer Bitcoin services to the citizens... just now after they got a $49 billion loan from the IMF. It's a damn loan, you somehow need to pay it back, it is not a gift and even if it was a gift it wouldn't be worth forbidding your citizens from access to a digital currency such as BTC. Bitcoin is not a loan, it's an option... an alternative form of money and it's my damn money.

You know what? The USD, EUR or whatever are actually not our money. I don't care how the dollar or the euro is being created, but it's not my money. You know what my money is? Bitcoin, HIVE, USDT, DOGE... This my money, cuz no one has any authority over it other than the blockchain itself unless I'm moron enough to give away that authority.

I can mint my own HIVE and nobody can send me to jail for that, but I can't "mint dollar" without going to jail...

We should stop asking these dinosaurs for permissions and compliance and build our own economies and communities. The world lead by these fuckers is not getting better, it will never will, on the contrary. Banks are the true counterfeits, Bitcoin is the real money so stop asking for permissions from bankers and their moppets. Just buy Bitcoin... or HIVE, or ETH...

Have a great weekend folks and see you to the next post. This one was a ranting post, in case it wasn't that obvious already.

Thanks for attention,

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Bang on the Crypto mate! The powerful and privileged fear for their pathetic selves. I think we are on the brink of a massive revolution, not of the Versailles kind, more the sublime sort and it’s there for the winning!!

Elizabeth warren is absolute garbage lol. Shes .01% native american afterall lol. Weak argument from her side.

You are the man though, the Mint man Ace.


Yea they are very protective of the dollar and I think I recall seeing a post about someone making the silver dollar. It didn't end well for the person making it because they don't want you to associate it with the dollar.

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