Vitalik Buterin Talking Steem(mostly) and Hive from The Perspective of POS Governance Systems

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Vitalik Buterin has finally gotten to Romania. From what I understand, it was all made possible thanks to Marius Mora, the CEO of Tokero, a Romanian exchange that I used to use for a while "back in the days". Some YouTube channel that I am subscribed to, The Stakebortalks had him invited for an interview yesterday.

It was actually premiered yesterday and I guess that it was live... I suppose though, not sure... Anyway, the idea is that a blockchain personality such as Vitalik Buterin has "been brought to Romania" and from his saying it seems that in the early stages of developing Ethereum there was also a Romanian, Mihai Alisie, who's Co-founder at Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine, thus the chain has a bit of Romanian flavor to it.

The interview on the stakeborgtalks is almost one hour and twenty minutes long and it pealed a bit from Vitalik's history with creating Ethereum, the good and the bad of POW and POS, DAOs and so on. I encourage you to watch it as it is in English and it was quite interesting imo...

At one point the co-creator of the second largest blockchain by market cap(ETH), has mentioned Steem and Hive, mostly referring to the Steem age of our community, to be more precise, when discussing DAOs and POS. He definitely knows about us, but he didn't put Steem on the list of "the way to do blockchains" when talking governance systems using POS.


I was amazed to realize that the interviewer knew about Steem, but what Vitalik was actually putting into perspective regarding Steem was the bad use of governance tokens and POS. He mentioned prior to that that it's hard to find the perfect governance way to put into practice when it comes to blockchain and life in general, but as funny as it sounds he was actually referring to what we call circle jerking and bid bots when talking Steem.

"Smart contracts" that have fueled lost of frustration among plenty of users and ignited nothing but bad advertising for Steem. Hive is a whole different breed, where there's not much circle jerking anymore and bid bots are completely extinct. Something I'm very happy about, because I was one of the ones getting frustrated, and affected, about the use of bid bots some steemers were engaging in.

Projects like Leofinance, CUB and Splinetrlands are proof of this blockchain's maturation process and I'm sure that if Vitalik Buterin would get into its details and get to know us better he'd definitely create himself an account, he might even do that with the Leoinfra option that we got thanks to Leofinance.

I honestly didn't like that the name of Hive was put on the same table with Steem, as these are two different blockchains each with its core principles and governance systems, but truth is that Steem wasn't the heaven we though it was. As Vitalik mentioned, such examples along with EOS are the ones that point at what not to do for the future.

If you wanna skip watching the whole video and jump to the relevant part that's tied with this post just go to 52'50" and you shall have everything put into perspective along with Vitalik's mention of Steem(mostly) and Hive. I personally liked the interview, I find Vitalik quite level headed, from the position of being a crypto billionaire, and don't consider him and Ethereum maxi.

Kind of started to hate Bitcoin maxis to be honest. I am not a fan of Etehereum and its insane fees, but the man is something in this crypto world and definitely worth listening...

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Bitcoin maxis are arrogant SOBs. What they really want is to become the new overlords of humanity, sitting around in their Citadel all day long doing whatever they please enabled by their enormous financial power. Down with the fuckers!

Vitalik is well aware of what is going on with Hive. He was watching careful and probably wishes he built Ethereum using some of the ideas here.

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He was talking at some point of a social media app built on Ethereum. Curios how he can achieve that with ETH fees.

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