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RE: Justin Sun Running A Ponzi Scheme With USDD

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Sun yet again giving crypto a bad name, who would've thought.

I swear I'm starting to think him and Tron have been planted by some party to make crypto look like a joke so it would never get serious money coming in. Would explain why a majority of top coins are shit that would make Satoshi turn over in his grave.


Hard to argue with that point. It is like the intention is to make something look as bad as it can.

Sun is like a cancer infecting the entire industry.

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It all shows how immature this space is. There are actually a lot of cancerous agents, centralized stable coins are another. We need to grow to the stage where we have properly designed decentralized algorithmic stable coins, HBD will grow no doubt, but we will need more than HBD to get rid of these cancers.

Yes we will need legitimate projects along with a larger pool of people.

With that, the industry can start to separate the legitimate from the con artists.

Use case is going to be imperative.

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They are defying the purpose of crypto intentionally...

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