ERP and Human Resources

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Enterprise resource planning can supplement vital human resource projects. While it’s no replacement for a caring department that supports workers, it’s an excellent supplement, reducing confusion and providing myriad benefits. It’s worth noting that even the term "human resources" may lead you down the path of seeing workers as raw material instead of individuals with the drive and passion to grow the business. (Proper motivation is again worth an entire article, so look forward to it.)

A sampler of opportunities in human resource management

Your company should have standardized processes. (If it doesn’t, ERP is not your current step, but likely the next one.) Especially for positions involving dangerous machinery, it’s often a legal requirement to provide reputable, certifiable training. Keeping a database of who has trained what and how is essential to keeping a job site safe. Good bookkeeping can also find out if a training module is taking too long, or not given enough time to be absorbed correctly.
Even for non-mechanical pursuits, consistency is king. Having newer filing clerks use a different system than older ones can make both of their jobs pointless.

Parsley sage rosemary and time management

Time theft is the biggest form of larceny in the United States. And where there’s theft, there exists the potential for litigation. Middle managers in your business who are penny wise and pound foolish may exploit their workers, opening the company up to millions and millions of damages and reputational damage. And ERP can detect this problem; if all workers seem to work 39.5 hours and qualify for benefits at 40, then bureaucrats within your business are sapping morale and creating resentment. That leads to shabby work, turnover, and a toxic environment. Support and payment have a multiplicative effect on employee profitability.

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