Why Consultants?

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Have you been here before?

Ever heard of someone who can’t take advice? They may be called stubborn, pigheaded, visionary or trailblazing, but they can be hell to work with. You’ve probably worked for someone like that, who preferred authority to efficiency. They knew that as long as they did things the company way, they would keep their job, even if things went badly. Sometimes it felt like they had a rulebook instead of a brain. We've all been there.

And then…

We start our own company and act exactly the same! Things we half-remember from business books can become mantras. We start saying things like “that’s the way it is” or “it’s just easier that way.” this is the attitude we need to eliminate in order to grow our business or even to make our current size business more efficient.

But aren’t consultants scammers? Won’t they waste my time?

There are well-heeled consultancy firms that will charge millions of dollars. They tell you to fire your workforce, give yourself a raise, and sell your debt to some holding company. Their greed has marred the reputation of hard-working advisers for at least a generation, probably a few.

But a consultant is anyone who advises another, and sometimes, especially with groups like Advia, every dollar spent represents savings, new revenue, or stress reduction. You’ve only run one company; they have experience with dozens in your industry.

Overcoming human nature

It’s human nature to want to do everything yourself. But you wouldn’t be reading this page if there wasn’t some doubt, some question about other ways to have a business. Our team would be happy to talk to you because we only want clients who are ready to change and who we can help. That’s the true answer to the initial question. And if you read this far, a short email might change your business forever.

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It is the client's ability to let consultant work in a way that s/he supports what you are trying to achieve. Relying solely on consultants is not a right solution, I think.

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