This is my NFT on Opensea

in LeoFinance2 years ago
Authored by @Afridany


After reading the news about an artist making billions of Rupiah from NFT, I was interested in trying to develop my creativity at Opensea. I think, this is an opportunity to be more successful in crypto.
Thus I made several professional Art photos with the background of important figures in the real world and became a virtual art photo art.

I've put some stuff in and traded Opensea. I have some very good works and are in great demand by buyers. I think, this can only be owned by great people like you. I'm sure you will turn your whole self into a part of the metaverse world.

If you can investigate further and more thoroughly you will find yourself and the characters in this art that I made. With the intention of being able to see yourself in another form with different professions.

In a very short time I have completed several art drawings, relying solely on the free application 8bitpainter.

The method is quite easy, the canvas has been designed to play with our fingers to make it more perfect when designing images. And the application has various features for developing works of art that can be used as our NFT digital assets.

Meanwhile, for those who want to own my work, you can directly open the link below. Thank You*