Successful FTM Trade Taking Profit😉

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I am happy about taking a profit on my FTM trade.
It always feels great to make successful trade come to fruition.


FTM or Fantom is a decentralized layer 1 blockchain that tries to solve the scalability and interoperability issues of blockchain networks.
It uses the consensus algorithm Lachesis which enables fast and cheap transactions compared to the eth network.
well it's not like It matters to me as I'm not in love with it I just take my profit that's it

I was stabbed by my first love luna so no love for crypto

Taking profit on a successful trade is an important part of managing your investments.

By selling some of your crypto holdings you can lock in your profit and reduce your risk. This is very important when the market is unstable it can help you avoid potential losses.

I bought about 140$ worth of FTM at 0.315 summing up to 447 on 06 Nov 2022 and sold about 100$ worth of FTM taking in profit now I still have about 147$ or 240FTM left which is mostly profit as now price is 0.61 per FTM coin.
FTM's previous high was above 3$ in the 2021 bull run.
At first, I thought of buying matic but it didn't drop below 60% and I usually buy at below 80% to 90% of ATH so I bought fantom also I think it has potential as their team is super active

FTM has strong partnerships and collaborations with other companies in the blockchain and tech space. These partnerships have helped the project's credibility, as well as provided valuable exposure to users
here are some project SUPPORTING ftm

Another factor that has contributed to FTM's growth is its focus on decentralized finance (DEFI) and decentralized application (DAPPS) space.

DeFi is a rapidly growing sector in the crypto world, with many projects focused on creating new financial products and services on blockchain platforms.

FTM has made significant progress in this area, launching its DeFi platform and partnering with several other DeFi projects to bring new offerings to market.

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