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RE: Hive AMM: How Internal Liquidity Provides External Liquidity.

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Hmmm I see you don't hold any liquid HBD or Hive in your wallet.

We are talking about liquidity here yet all of yours are locked in stake.

Kinda biased that you propose to have these quick turn around.

Here's my solution. Hold more liquid in your layer 1 and 2 wallet.

I could be eating my shoe here not know you are also a great provider in liquidity pools for swap.hive/swap.hbd but then again I am just observing and voicing what I can see.

I think out of all of us here that is voicing this, only taskmaster has got some serious liquid HBD stored to back up his claim regarding liquid amounts of HBD.


We are talking about liquidity here yet all of yours are locked in stake.

That is exactly the point.

You can't just tell people to do things altruistically and expect them to happen.
There needs to be incentives that create the outcome we are looking for on a platform-wide scale.

As an individual, it does not matter what I do.

What matters is what the network does collectively.
If you tell me to provide more liquidity, and then I do, does this fix the problem?
No. I am not a big enough stake holder to provide liquidity across multiple exchange and whales.
Nobody is.
This is not a situation that gets solved by a single person.

I would argue that your actions will determine how the community will behave.

As I outlined, Taskmaster has been vocal about liquidity for the past two months and with that in mind I was also moved by their words. Prompting me to look into their position itself. I saw and see that they have liquidity within their wallet. I followed. While his holding is not as massive as the rest of the whales pushing their weight around here, he has backed up his position with real position.

Words are one thing.

This in turn convinced me also to start doing my bit. I don't write about it and call for action. I just do my little bit.

You on the other hand. I don't like having to point any fingers but if I see them needing to be pointed then they must be pointed. Talk about the same thing Taskmaster has outlined. I know you push your weight around. I see it from the number of upvotes you get. Not the value. The number of upvotes. Signifying. People listen to you. Follow you. Yet. Your position is not really liquid is it?

Again I go back to what I said which is I cannot fathom if you are providing them in the liquidity pool already. All I look at are your wallets position. The public view. I do not posses the skill to do a full audit on your position so I do apologize if you are already within the realms of having that liquidity position in the pools available. Whether they are in HE or some other exchange I do not know about.

And I disagree with

This is not a situation that gets solved by a single person.

Because a single person is part of a collective. And when a single person is influential and is a leader. Then how can they move a community when they... I hate being a broken record.

Mind you ever since. I have read about liquidity from here, which I can tell you I was clueless about for the past 3 years. Hearing the word and not really reading about it, then getting my mind opened. I can tell you I got the impetus from hive, this is making me more aware and determined to ensure what ever I have to spare it will be used to try and put my little weight into solving this pressing issue that you have spent a good amount of time posting about.