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RE: Creating Content on the Blockchain - Getting Started

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I am leafing 😜 less confused! I've been puzzling and puzzling until my puzzler is sore, but hopefully I'll puzzle like that no more!!

Shadows, your post has given me an idea to create a long string of teeny tiny Speak3 & YouTube videos using your outline as a guide. When I make videos it takes me a few, well, takes, as in ten to twenty per pop. So far, I created a few dozen 3-5 minute videos and posted them to Twitter (sadly no, not dBuzz yet).

Because it takes me so many takes per video, if I am sharing a bite size tidbit about posting on Hive, by the time I'm done, I will have that piece of the How-to down pat.

I could celebrate making leaf angels! 🍂

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that perfectionism part of yours is terribly heavy to carry. Have you considered telling it to get into the backseat while you drive? or, maybe the trunk, backseat drivers are such a pain.

You know me so well and we haven't had our first beer yet! 🍻 👯‍♀️

that may take a while :)

Hi, You could share some of the links here. Or in DM on discord. I ll like to see what you mean.