Interesting. Thanks for the information.

I did not power down and still have full of my stake in there, which is a bad move from my side. Maybe if they manage to rescue the chain, I will manage to get it out, at least a part of it. :)

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I powered down and sold all my blurt and one of the founders compared that to cryptodrive having hundreds of thousands of Hive from the DHF which he won't return. On Steem he decided to power it all up to sell leases for his dlease business even though the proposal promised never to use it for personal gain.

500k for positive identification, and enough personal info for a police report

wait they want to report blockchain transaction to the police?

What do you think happened after the hive hardfork when Hive was removed from accounts without a password?

That debunked not your keys not your coins. And also alerted the authorities. Very useful people hivers are.

It will be bad if they will just turn it off ! People invested in that !