Understanding Content Curation on #Hive Platform

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As we all know #hive is a blogging platform where content creators and curators work. A blogger or writer is the one who writes the article and the other is the one who curates the article or in the words of Hive, gives upvotes.

Anyone can be a content creator, but curators are rare. Curating in the #hive ecosystem can be done by anyone with having at least 1 hive.

But their curation doesn't matter because the less #hive power there is, the less influence in the platform will have. Similarly, the more #hive power a user has, the more influence a user will have.

Users who have more #hive power means they will have more voting power. When he curates a piece of content, the writer benefits from that curation where he get an amount of money with that upvote. For example if a user has 10K Hive then the vote power will be $0.16 based on the current market.

In #hive platform you can upvote 10 times a day with different percentages. When you curate a piece of content, half of the profit will go to the writer and half will go back to the curator. The same system runs on Hive platform which is a successful system.

Now let's talk about who can be a good curator and what should be done for being a good curator. As we all know that curator has an important role in hive blogging.

The Responsibilities of a Curator

Is it enough for a curator to judge the quality of content from images alone? Or a curator simply liking images without reading the content? Or should he decide by looking at the number of words?

All these methods are wrong in my view. Since the curator has an important role, a good curator should look at the image, writing and number of words of the content. When all three are better, upvote should be done.

Or sometimes a curator curates content that is long but doesn't add value or have any meaning. Don't vote for content that shares nonsense or misinformation.

Rather, content should be shared that has meaning and value for the platform. If a post is short on the same side but has value, then what to do in such a case? In my opinion, a valuable post should be curated no matter how short it is.

What do you people think about content curation? Do you think curating is a big responsibility? Looking forward to your replies or will be very happy to see your replies in the comment section.

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