HPUD | +1,000 Hive Power | Halfway to Orca! - Video in Spanish - Text in English

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Hey Hivers!

Today is the Hive Power Up Day! And I also want to share a video with some updates. The video is in Spanish. If you only understand English, stay in the written version.


In the first part of the video, I make my Power Up for July. I powered up 1,000 Hive (one thousand Hive), and I got pretty excited because finally, we're halfway to Orca.



In the announcement section, I mentioned that I would probably have to make a small power down next month because I need to return the curation rewards that I have generated today, thanks to the weird bug. It's going to be hard to do the math, but I'll try to figure it out and return all of it.

Lastly, the payout for the delegators is still pending, but I hope that today or tomorrow, I will be able to send the Hive to all the delegators of the Aliento Project. Thank you for your understanding, the bot needs to be updated, and my friend @enrique89 has been very busy with other things. He made a beautiful presentation about Hive that we may share soon.

Thank you! And Hive on!


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congratulations, on that, I hope and wish you will soon you will be a orca😉🤞🙏
1k power-up is really great indeed.

!giphy congratulations

Thank you @bhattg! It will be a challenge, but with hard work, I think we can do it!

yes indeed it's a challenge, but you can do that 😃


!giphy welcome

Me encanta el crecimiento del proyecto @aliento, es uno de los que más apoyo y en los que más confío porque tú @eddiespino y @grisvisa son personas increíblemente especiales, gracias por poner su energía, su dinero y su cariño en la blockchain de #Hive.

¡Sigamos creciendo!

¡Muchas gracias Ilaz! Es genial poder compartir este viaje con muchas personas geniales como tu. Seguiremos creciendo y avanzando.

Congratulations @aliento! You received a personal badge!

You powered-up at least 1000 HP on Hive Power Up Day and got the biggest Power-Bee!
See you at the next Power Up day to see if you will repeat this feat.
May the Hive Power be with you!

You can view your badges on your board and compare yourself to others in the Ranking

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YEaaaahhHH! I feel the POWER!!!

Well done @aliento, we feel it too!!! Keep going 😄👍


Nice and informative

Thank you for the delegation of HP!!!
I’ll try to use the gift as efficiently as possible!