LONG Dollar Dollar Loonie Ghost . 120-200 pip

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I don't know. I don't see anything. I drew some lines on a chart based on something I heard in chat. I can't even say this is my idea. I don't even know who said it, someone comes in chat and is like loosing his mind on this play going, "Ya'll gotta look at Loonie! Loonie loonie loonie!" And we're like, what time frame? What pair cad? Someone shows him 15 minutes, he buckles up and blow, "15! What hell 15!? 4! 12! Months! Take a nap!" I mean a fella tells you put on a trade, go take a nap, I need a nap. SO! Lookie lookie Loonie what's up? I dunno, numbers don't lie they say, so it was 92.66 and 1.3068, DXY USDCAD . What's up with oil? I dunno, heard sometthing something about Saudi finding more, "Surprise! We found more. Selfies from the Middles Peace!" So, DXY's bouncing, Canada, why so sad a duh? Who's on the See Saw? Who's falling off, who's buckled in? That guy's still shouting "CAD! Loonie! Nap!" in my head, so at least I made a chart so next time hoomie comes rolling in Loonie I'm a hot potato pass around.

Long USDCAD 120 - 200 pips, sell the bitcoins buy a couch.


dxy 4.png

dxy m.png





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