What up DOG? Dollar Oil Gold update TWOsday 2/22/2022 💰😀🍒

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What up DOG? I dunno, What up with you? Yes and which DOG is up?

Dollar OIL Gold . All in play for their own reasons. War on the Horizon or not, there are other factors contributing to confilcting momentum. Trust yourself and remeber it's all in the timing, tuning out distractions, and staying in touch with the momentum. Where's the heft? The harumpf? Where's the catalyst coming from and heading to driving price duing hours of high liquidity.

dollar 96.06
oil 93.43
gold 1899

i think dollar is bullis given the impending rate hike, crypto winter, indice bear market, and global status for what looks like one last breathe.

i think oil is bullis cause it wants a hundo. it just want that 100 number like a big mac attack.

i think gold is bearish short term before continuing higher. does that mean i wish i hung on to my short overnight instead of taking profits possibly early? yes. I think gold could dump more overnight, or london, or early early tomorrow and then get its' groove on Hump Day. I could be so wrong.

Leave a comment if you are trading DOLLAR OIL GOLD today this week? 2/22/2022

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