Leo Magazine #45: Bitcoin Spot ETF, Sam Leaves OpenAI, Binance Web3 Wallet, Rune price up plus more!

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Here is another edition of LeoFinance Magazine and we have picked some of the best articles published in leofinance.io this week for your read. You just need to sit back and enjoy the selections.


Bitcoin Spot Etf Approve or Disapprove? by @djbravoBitcoin SPOT is in the news and approval is expected in next year however the kind of adoption we see from big companies create a positive environment in the crypto market. Do you expect it to get approved nor not ?Read more here about it
Sam Altman leaves OpenAI after leadership transition by @vikvitnikOpenAI is the parent company for ChatGPT and Sam Altman is the popular name in this company but now as per the news update, he left company after the leadership transition.Read more about it


Binance Web 3 Wallet by @gargiWeb3 space is growing and its good. Now Binance has launched its web3 wallet which is a big move by the exchange and its expected that now web3 is going to be even bigger as more such companies will join web3.This article can get you more information about it
AAVE Rebrands and moves into Content Creation by @melbourneswestDeFi is still a getting attention it seems. Aave is a defi protocol and now this has rebranded itself and moved to Decentralised Social Media. Hopefully this change is good for the projectLearn more here


Turkey Crypto by @esmeesmithCountries are following different crypto policies and Turkey is one of the open crypto markets. There is some change in regulation and licenses for crypto in the country. Read more details about it in this post
The Effect Of Supply And Demand In Crypto by @akinolawillyIn any market, supply and demand both are important pillars. The author has explained this well and prices are determined by supply and demand in the market. The article is worth reading.Read more here


Litecoin will be holding its value forever by @bala41288Litecoin is a popular crypto coin in the market and this has been stable for a long time. It did pretty well in the last market and many investors have it in their portfolio. The fundamentals are strong for this project and this is why the coin holds its valueCheck out this post for more details
Will You Trust AI To Trade For You? by @readthispleaseAI technology is evolving and its getting integrated into various sectors and segments. Its also getting part of trading which is a good start but is it reliable to use this technology when our funds are involved? know more about it here


PayPal Comes Under SEC Scrutiny For PYUSD by @melbourneswestPYUSD is the stablecoin of Paypal and it seems that SEC is now behind Paypal to get some of the questions answered. Its a stablecoin pegged by USD and for this SEC scrutiny has started. Read this article for more about it
Ethereum's Next Moves Might Shape Crypto / Web 3 by @bitcoinfloodEthereum is the top altcoin or we can say that its the most popular coin after Bitcoin. Its expected that Ethereum's next moves might play an important role in the crypto market and this chain is also one of the most used chains for projectsRead more here


Things You Should Know about $TON Cryptocurrency by @esmeesmithIf you want to know more about Toncoin then this is the article for you that can help you get more insight about the project. In the crypto market, its recommended to have project information even if we don't invest. Read this post to know more about toncoin
Chat GPT going to the Next Level by @shriram19Chat GPT is popular worldwide and this has started a new era when everyone is talking about AI technology and its possibilities. Chat GPT is getting updates and expected that this will be even smarter after sich updates.Read this post to know more


THORChain - #RUNE up 24% by @gungunkrishuRUNE is a coin with potential and its part of THORChain. Recently the coin has shown some great price movement and if you track this project then this article will help you get more information and if not then also you can learn more to consider in future. Check out this post to know more about it
Mini Pump Cycle & Saturation Ahead by @idiosyncratic1Crypto market goes through a cycle and if we can learn this then it can help us play well in this space. The author has explained it well and it is worth reading that can enhance our understanding.You can read this post for more details


The Polkadot Ecosystem by @sapphirecryptoPolkadot is known as a chain that is better than ethereum. I am not sure if that is going to happen soon but I have seen this project for the last few years and it looks stable. Its expected that this will do well in the next bull run cycle. Read more for details
Star Link Statelite Internet to Enter India soon by @shriram19Star Link is the company owned by Elon Musk that provides the satellite internet service. This company has been expanding and now its making a move to India which is good because more people will get access to high-speed speed internet and data is the oil in this 21st century. Check out this post to know more


Hope you enjoyed the reading and thank you so much for your time. I hope that you have enjoyed reading the selection and that it's worth your time. Please try engaging with authors as they will appreciate any form of engagement, you can provide.
See you in the next edition!

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This is a great compilation friend. I already checked the article by @gargi about Binance web3 wallet. I think Binance has seen that the future belongs to web3 and they do not want to be left out.

I will check out and engage with other articles here. Nice efforts. Am sharing this with friends too.

A good compilation, let me check them out.

These are some great Leo articles to read however I can't read all of them so I am bookmarking this post and will read them one by one later.

Yay! 🤗
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Great to see Web 3 progress and Binance joining Web 3. Web 3 has some truly amazing features that we hope users will enjoy.