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Hello Everyone,

I am good and I hope that you are doing well. Today in this video I have talked about a platform that can get you some rewards. I have been using this platform for the last couple of years and if I remember correctly then I have been using it from 2019. I thought of sharing about this portal today because I hope many people are working in different organisations so they are aware of different software that they use in their day-to-day life and by sharing their reviews on this platform they can earn some monetary reward which can be approximately $10 but it is not fixed and it varies.

I think it is worth spending time on this platform because it will not take more than five to 10 minutes of your time for submitting one review in this portal. If you can get this reward in this much time then I think it is worth it because the amount is not so less and not too high however it is surely worth your time. I have also shown that I submitted many reviews and I keep on doing it when get time. They also send an email from time to time when I don't visit this site for a few months and this way I get to know that there is a place where I can spend some time to earn some reward. This email helps when I forget to visit the platform and these days I get the reward in the form of an Amazon voucher which is good because I can do some shopping on this website for submitting a couple of reviews.
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Try this platform if you like and you never know if you can also earn some reward because the process is simple you need to submit the review and if your review is approved then you will be rewarded within three business days. They notify through email so there is nothing to worry about since you will get the notification but if not then you can visit the platform and see the status which will show you.

Website- g2.com

Thank you so much for your time

Have a great day

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SO how much have you made from these software reviews? You've used since 2019 so i think you made a lot right. if they reject your review means wasted time? :?

I have never been so active and missed a lot of their emails to receive but roughly it can be approx 200-250$ and yes if review is rejected then it's tike waste.

200-250 since 2019 or per month?

all, not month.. if month, then I won't be posting here probably :)

then i dont think is too good maybe would make more money trying to copy their business

This is something you can try for some small rewards.. you hardly need to spend 1 hr in a month..

but small rewards is maybe play splinterlands that will be more fun for small rewards?

Paid for review sites are popular and paying and it can be a good option for side income. I have done tasks in the past on Neobux and clixsense and It was good at that time but now it is small rewards so that is most of the people switched to crypto. Anyway, you have earned a good amount form this site. keep on.

I have well remember when I used to work for steemhunt that time I used to get some reward for reviewing application not from the developer of application but from the website where we work.
Till now I have not checked G2.com but I am sure that it would be similar like that.