My Splinterlands Journey- 4 Fantastic Years

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Gaming on the blockchain has been evolving significantly over the years and we have seen how it has proven its existence. I believe that it is still in the early stage where the majority of people are still not aware hence we can expect a mass adoption in this segment as well. While cryptocurrency and overall blockchain technology are getting so much attraction worldwide it is inevitable that more people will be coming to the web 3 and they will be part of the gaming as well. There are so many components that are part of the Web 3 ecosystem and gaming is certainly one of the biggest parts.


How I started with Splinterlands

Splinterlands is my favourite game and I have been playing this game since late 2019 which means I have completed four years with this fantastic game. I logged in to the game website for the first time in March 2019 as I got to see some posts about the game and that time it was called Steem Monster. I had no idea about the game and how it works but I just did log in out of curiosity however could not understand much. After 6+ months @guurry123 helped me understand this game better and that was the time I started my gaming journey with splinterlands on a serious note. I can't say if you'll agree or not but in the beginning, it looks difficult with this game but if you give it some time you become familiar with it and it looks easy.


The same has happened with me and after going through the different articles and going through some posts and the help section I was able to figure out how this game should be played. I must appreciate that the team has created a very helpful help section where everything is explained in easy language. I do understand that it is important for any new player to spend some time and learn about it but I don't think it is going to be a time-consuming activity and one can learn about it in a few days in my opinion.

My 4 Years Journey

I always say that this game is fun and this journey has been amazing because I keep on building through different assets. Usually when I start with something I try to give it some time and I remember that in the initial days, I used to play a lot and still I do but sometimes because of the schedule I do not play much however I try to play more battles over the weekend. You can say it is part of my daily life when I spend about half an hour every day in the game to play the battles and a few hours at the weekend. I have been building the assets holding since the beginning because I believe this is going to help me with my gaming journey and I hardly use the rental market because I had a clear goal to own the assets and not get dependent upon the rental market. I know that the rental market is a very helpful part of the game that helps a lot of newbies but it is just me who did not pay much attention to that. I have taken a few cards on rental recently and it was a good experience because I was able to get good cards at a cheap price but still I feel owning the card is much better than taking them on the rent.

I hold almost every asset in the game except the one in RUNI that I missed and I feel like it is my mistake. If you talk about the cards, tokens, lands, node validator licence, and whatever type of assets we have in the game you can see it in my game account. I missed Rooney because I tried to be greedy and it's been almost a year time but I did not get the opportunity to own one for me. I have been building with sps as well and just made it 140k however I am on it to making it 150k soon and more thereafter.

Goals and Accomplishments

I heard certain goals in the game and these days its growing SPS stake primarily. There are a couple of things that I want to work on and increase my holding but because I believe that SPS is highly undervalued at this time in the market I don't think it is going to stay for a long time. This is the reason why I am focused more on the SPS side to grow my holding because later I don't want to regret that there was an opportunity that I could not grab. If I talk about my current goal then certainly it is SPS and if I can make it 200 K in the next few months then I am going to be happy because that is what I want to achieve as soon as possible. Once this is achieved then I'll be trying to figure out what could be the next set of goals that I need to work on and I will do it for sure.


If I talk about accomplishment then I would say that I wanted to play in the Champion League and I was able to do it in 2020 and by that time I was just 6 months old. Playing in the Champion League was not easy because this league has got some fantastic players and winning over them is a very tough task. Later on, there were some changes in the game and the collection power was introduced because of that I had no opportunity to play in the Champion League. This is because my collection power was not enough however when this change was implemented I had just 100k collection power. As of now I have 482k collection power and I tried growing it but because of the focus on SPS, there is a pause on this. Now there is another change in the game which is known as reward multiplier so I can play the game in champion but that will not get me a better reward because my sps holding is not sufficient for that league. Although it was an accomplishment for me but now it is also connected with my goal which I am trying to achieve this is something that will take some time however I am pretty sure that this will happen for sure.

What is my future strategy

There are many changes in the game and it is very important to cope up with such an environment when we see a lot of development happening and changes coming our way. One thing that will stay constant is that I will continue to build in the form of different assets in the game and this is not just a game that I play every day instead it is something that I'm focused on to build a valuable portfolio having a variety of digital assets. While I'm more focused on the SPS token but it does not mean I am not going to focus on different assets however I am just trying to focus one thing at a time so that I do not miss out on the opportunities available in the current crypto market situation.

I know that SPS is going to be my ongoing accumulation strategy but once I see that the sps price is grown then I'll focus more on different assets and also see if I can get the RUNI NFT someday because I still want to own it.

My Advice to Beginners

I hope to see many new players in the game and my advice for them would be to give this game enough time. This game is not for the short term instead it is for the long term and let me tell you that if you stay here for six months or more then you are going to love it. There is a lot to learn and explore and also to build which will have a significant monetary value. It's a growing ecosystem where you get to learn a lot of things and don't forget that you will be part of Web 3 which is the new face of the Internet. The game has been designed considering everyone in mind which means even if you are new to the game also you have the option to take cards and sps on lease from the rental market.

It is not necessary that you have to invest a big amount on the cards in the beginning instead with the rental you can start your journey and then you can decide how you want to proceed. As far as the knowledge is concerned you need to go through some of the posts created by amazing players and it will help you learn and understand more about splinterlands and this knowledge will make your journey better and fun. In my initial days, I used to ask a lot of questions to the players and I'm glad to say that everyone was responding with proper details which I appreciate. If you have some doubt or question you can also ask these amazing players and I'm sure he'll be given the response properly however you can also reach out to me if you have any question related to the splinter lands and I would be more than happy to answer any question about it.

I usually don't share my affiliate link for the game but in this post, I am doing. Just in case you are not part of the game then you can join it using my affiliate link.

Thank you

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Jai ho Alok bhai. Namaste.
Well done on your massive accumulation of SPS. Prices are in uptrend now it seems. The return of the bill market is like reaching the oasis at the end of a long desert journey.

Jai Ho Babaji, Namaste!
Thanks, bhai ji.. yes prices are up a bit and I think that SPS will grow a lot in the long term and this is why I accumulate more this time when the price is low. Next bull run can be a good time for better profits.

Yes the tide seems to have turned toward a bullish uptrend.

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You had an impressive journey In splinterlands throughout these years.

I've to admit Gamefi only have some few games that are functioning since years and mostly are on hive.

Have seen axie infinity becoming worthless and other games too but splinterlands is still providing value.

Best wishes for your 100k SPS Goal and many more years to come yet.

Thanks man and I believe that splinderlands has potential to grow.
Axis was a great game once but now seem it has lots the interest. Do you still play this game ?

Your four year journey in Splinterland has been truly fantastic. The emotions of playing a game for a long time is different. Since it is related to Hive, it must have given you extra pleasure.

Thanks mate but its such an awesome game that you enjoy.. Long term is the best strategy to build assets.

Thank you for your past support!

Unfortunately we have recognized that you have removed your delegation from our initiative. We want to thank you for the long support and would be happy to welcome you again some day :)

Stay creative & HIVE ON!

Your dedication to Splinterlands sounds inspiring. Your advice to newcomers is invaluable. Encouraging them to take their time, learn, and explore the game's mechanics and vast opportunities before diving in too deeply is a thoughtful approach.

Thank you! appreciate your kind words and true that this game is awesome


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