Result $5.25 Bounty Hunter Tournament Mar 5th 50/596

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Bad Beat

2021-03-05_10 12_AM_350_700_#TM557162049.png

unfortunate after calling an all-in being that small bit ahead with 99 52.72% vs KQ Diamonds 47.28% hits Queen on the river early stages so not a bad place to lose but still.

Best Hand

2021-03-05_10 17_AM_350_700_#TM557162180.png

Great spot to get AK(36.36%even though slightly behind QQ(46.48) but well ahead of JJ(17.16%) managed to get 2 kings by the river taking down a big pot and 2 bounties.

Last Hand

2021-03-05_11 39_AM_2,500_5,000_#TM557329649.png

only had about 10 Blinds left here so kinda of had to go with a fairly weak hand in KJ offsuit (40.28%) and unlucky to be against A10 offsuit (59.72%) which was well ahead in hindsight could have probably lasted for a better hand and slightly higher prize but the aim is to win the big prizes so need to take the risks

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