August started with a bullish Hive

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Hello dear readers, I am sharing these brief lines with you because the hive started this new month with a high price exceeding at some point the 0.91 dollars compared to the price of the previous day that was around the 0.54 dollars.

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honestly don't know the reasons why the price has risen, but the market is moving rapidly and the price changes every second, it would be great if it can reach the price of 1 dollar, although the market in relation to the movement of bitcoin according to some specialists does not have a clear upward movement.

Personally I see it as a good opportunity to get more coins hive if we can sell at a price and to be a small pullback to buy more, it is my intention to accumulate much more, because I believe that the hive has a lot of potential and a lot remains to grow and strengthen, the price of 1 dollar will be short since my basic knowledge, because, it is a blockchain very complete in which they are anchored excellent projects.

For me it is a great satisfaction to see how the price remains in balance and looking for new ranges despite the difficult economic situation that has begun to live around the world, Hive transmits security and confidence to me, it is a decentralized company that has a lot of value and I hope that it maintains this path of strengthening for the benefit of all.

The HBD also has its price, like some game currencies that are anchored in the blockchain, the modality of generating passive income by placing the hbd in savings has also been a fantastic way to give benefits to all users, that is, we are facing a blockchain where multiple incomes can be generated with different modalities and for everyone from a blogger to lovers of nft games and decentralized finance investments, all in one place.

Image captured from coinmarketcap

Although not perform a technical analysis of the price rise, makes me not strange that hive you want to break to the upside when the market shows signs of recovery because it is a blockchain robusta which has built confidence in all his community, for the excellent work that has been done, we hope that in the future, add more investors who finish help to boost and stabilize this great project in which as I mentioned previously believed firmly.

Thank you for staying until the end


Thank you for the updates @amestyj . I'll keep in touch to see how the market will turn out at the ending of the month.

Hello dear @silviafx, let's wait to see how the market behaves at the end of the month, and the hive corrected, let's wait to see what happens in the next few days.

So long, have a great week.